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First-Quarter 2016 Maryland Judiciary Statistics

In all, there were 22,310 unique civil actions in Maryland’s circuit courts in the first quarter of 2016.  Torts, as always, were a far smaller percentage of the whole than the tort reformers would have you believe.  Case types classically defined as “torts” or personal injury – car accidents, workers’ compensation appeals, and medical malpractice […]

The Hidden Costs of Maryland's Non-Economic Damages Cap

One might think a cap on non-economic damages is reasonable.  In theory, it is reasonable.  That’s how the right sells it to our population.  I do not, however, believe the cap on non-economic damages in Maryland is reasonable.  It’s simply too low at approximately $800,000. How do you tell someone born with severe cerebral palsy […]

September's Car Accident Cases in Maryland

September saw at least 227 car accident cases (listed as either motor tort or motor torts) filed in Maryland Circuit Courts, not include Maryland District Courts which also see numerous cases filed in Maryland, or Prince George’s or Montgomery Counties – also with significant volume. Of those listed, not surprisingly, Baltimore City has the largest amount […]