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The Baltimore Sun’s Coverage of Workers’ Compensation

The Baltimore Sun has upped its game.  Luke Broadwater and Scott Calvert are doing some impressive work.  They are doing real journalism in an age where real journalism does not abound.  Kudos. In an extensive series about workers’ compensation and it’s impact on Baltimore, Broadwater and Calvert have spotlighted important issues.  The issues were there […]

The Biggest Problem with Medical Malpractice

What is the biggest problem with medical malpractice? The plainitffs and their lawyers would have you believe the real problem is too much medical negligence and a lack of accountability from doctors. The doctors, their insurance companies, and their lawyers would have you believe the real problem is frivolous lawsuits.  “If only we could get […]

Legal Publishing is Changing

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court is now the publisher of its own opinions.  The official publisher. For someone without some knowledge of the industry, this statement may seem pedestrian.  But for people who know the role that companies like West and Lexis play in the legal world, it’s revolutionary.  It’s now no longer difficult to see a […]