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Who Owns the Law?

That’s the question put forth by the ABA Journal, a publication of the American Bar Association (see story here).  Author Victor Li asks this important question at the right time.  It’s always been a good and relevant question.  However, never before were there so many implications to the answer. For example, this site, was literally […]

Medical Malpractice Recovery Barred

The Case A recent appellate case entitled Lydia G. Wilcox, et al. v. Tristan J. Orellano focused on two administrative concepts called the “savings provision” and the “preclusion provision.” The savings provision permits a party to re-file the report of an attesting expert to the certificate of a qualified expert so long as it is […]

Lawsuit Against Bon Secours and Jai Gets a Ruling

The Case Recently, an appellate case entitled Wilhelmina Bradford v. Jai Medical Systems Managed Care Organizations, Inc. centered on a crucial topic in medical malpractice law: apparent agency. Apparent agency is when one agent is believed to conduct business on behalf of another agent. What Happened? The plaintiff Wilhelmina Bradford had to get her foot […]