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November Maryland Circuit Court Statistics

Medical malpractice lawsuits, or the lack thereof, is what stood out in November.  There were only 21 different medical malpractice lawsuits filed in Maryland in November. The number seems smaller than one might otherwise guess. Well known defendants include Frederick Memorial Hospital, Northwest Hospital Center, Emergency Medicine Associates, PA, Franklin Square Hospital, Peninsula Regional Medical […]

9502 Maryland Lawsuits in October (and other stats)

There were 9502 civil actions filed in October in Maryland circuit courts. Of these, 1354 suits were civil actions in Prince George’s County – either family law or otherwise. Montgomery County accounted for 1307 general civil or domestic actions. Therefore 28% of all the civil actions in Maryland Circuit Courts came from Montgomery or PG […]

St. Agnes Hospital and Medical Malpractice - A Rough Month

Medical Negligence Verdicts Stack Up in November A number of medical malpractice cases in and around Baltimore have made news in recent weeks, more than one involving St. Agnes Hosptial. It might be time to start sweating Briggs Bedigian. If you don’t know who he is, you don’t really know medical malpractice lawyers in Baltimore. […]