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April 2015 Maryland Litigation Statistics

April 2015 saw 6699 different cases filed in Maryland Circuit Courts. Of these cases, only 10 were listed as medical malpractice. This is completely consistent with numbers from the first quarter. We highlighted those stats – medical malpractice made up less than one half of 1% of all circuit court cases – in this medical […]

The Medical Malpractice Crisis Myth - Maryland Edition

    Medical Malpractice Cases in Maryland In simply quantity, cases listed as medical malpractice in Maryland are almost a rounding error.  They represent less than 1/2 of 1% of all circuit court actions in Maryland, not including PG and Montgomery Counties.  (Those two counties report their stats differently, making it more difficult to parse […]

Last Month's Judiciary Stats

In March, circuit courts of Maryland were, per usual, quite busy.  There were 8723 listed actions, not including criminal cases.  Of these, there were 6633 different case numbers assigned. Also as usual, the number of cases listed as personal injury or related, was only a small fraction of the whole.  There were 30 medical malpractice […]