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How Much are Dog Bite Cases Worth: An Example

The Case Within the last few weeks, Dr. Shannon J. Kaiser, a Baltimore dentist, agreed to a $115,000 settlement after suffering a dog attack in September of 2011. The agreement was made in response to counts of nuisance, strict liability, and negligence. Case Number: 03C13004453 What Happened? According to the Daily Record, Oliver, the 70-pound […]

MTA Lawsuits are Plentiful

I’ve been curious about the frequency of lawsuits against the MTA (the Maryland Transit Administration).  When I saw the story of the instigating bus driver in the news, I couldn’t help but look a little further. The MTA Should Be Ashamed On October 9th 2014, Karen Murphy, a former Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) bus driver […]

The Levy Case Lawyers Likely to Get More than $65 million

The Background As the Levy case draws to a close, this post talks a little about the lawyers involved in the Nikita Levy case.  In the event you are from Baltimore but live under a rock underneath the harbor tunnel, or if maybe you are not from Baltimore, the “Levy Case” is about former Johns […]

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