Salisbury, MD 21801

Peninsula Regional Medical Center

According the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Peninsula Regional, entered with that exact spelling, has been sued as the defendant in civil cases in the Maryland circuit court systems 47 times since September 2012

  • 32 Medical Malpractice and “Other Torts”
  • 3 OV
  • 2 WD
  • 2 RD
  • 3 APA
  • 2 Civil
  • 1 MT
  • 1 OJ

Out of 47 cases filed in the Maryland circuit court system against Peninsula Regional, 43 of them were filed in the Wicomico County Circuit Court, however 2 additional cases were filed in the Montgomery County Circuit Court, and 2 cases were filed in the Baltimore City Circuit Court. 36 of these cases are closed and inactive, 5 are open, 3 are closed, 1 has been appealed, and 1 is closed and active.

The law firm that most frequently represents Peninsula Regional Medical Center is DeGeorge & Grove, P.A. Some of the additional law firms that represent Peninsula Regional include: Armstrong, Donohue, Ceppos & Vaughan, Chartered, Kollman & Saucier, PA, and Booth, Booth, Cropper & Marriner.


About Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Peninsula Regional Medical Center was established in 1897 and was originally referred to as Peninsula General Hospital. Located in Salisbury, Maryland, Peninsula Regional Medical Center houses over 300 beds and serves approximately 500,000 patients every year. With around 3,300 staff members, Peninsula Regional Medical Center serves as one of Salisbury’s largest employers.



Peninsula Regional Medical Center in the news

In 2018, an issue arouse when Hart to Heart, a private ambulance company partnered with Peninsula Medical Center, was accused of over-billing Medicare on thousands of trips and falsifying information. Reports from a whistle-blower indicate that Hart to Heart was making trips that were “not medically necessary” and where making patients who could walk or sit comfortably lay down on the bed and might even have been strapped to a stretcher so the company could transport them. For Hart to Heart, if a patient was walking or comfortably sitting, and did not require to be carried out, this would cancel reimbursement from Medicare to the company, and they would not get paid. An investigation is being done to check the validity of these accusations.

Last updated November 15, 2019

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