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According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Charles Emergency Physicians, entered with that exact spelling, has been sued 6 times for medical malpractice and one time for tort claims since 2012. The exact search criteria used on Maryland Judiciary Case Search is as follows:  Company: Charles Emergency Physicians, Party Type: Defendant, Case Type: Civil, Court System: Circuit Court only, County: Default All, Filing Date: 9/26/2012-08/21/2020.

About Charles Emergency Physicians

Charles Emergency Physicians, P.A. is a group practice of board certified doctors, nurses, and physician assistants. The medical staff specializes in emergency and critical care, and several group members have additional certifications in pediatric and internal medicine. Designated as a third party acute care provider, Charles Emergency Physicians is exclusively contracted with the emergency department of Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC).

Charles Emergency Physicians in the News

The practice of third party contractors providing emergency room treatment has become standard operating procedure in hospitals nationwide. This is largely because the outsourcing of critical care offers financial benefits to medical facilities. Emergency departments are labor intensive – there is a constant stream of patients to monitor, an unpredictable variety of conditions to assess and treat, and a large volume of billing to process. But hospitals rarely generate significant revenue from their cost heavy emergency wards. Many visitors seeking emergency care are uninsured or underinsured, making it less likely they will be able to pay in full for their treatment. Instead, hospitals produce most of their income from expensive elective procedures such as surgeries that often must be pre-approved for coverage by insurers, thereby ensuring payment. By contracting with a third party critical care company that hires and manages doctors, maintains billing, and pursues collection payments from delinquent patients, hospitals can offload the expense and labor that comes with running an emergency room to focus its efforts on more profitable practice areas.

Unfortunately, it’s the patient that often pays for the cost cutting measures of hospitals that contract with third party physician groups. In many states, emergency room doctors are permitted to bill exorbitant out of network rates for critical care visits, even if the hospital where they provide treatment is considered in-network with a patient’s insurance. This legal loophole exploits a third-party physician’s status as an independent contractor who is not technically employed by the hospital. Meanwhile, patients are left to pay bills that in some cases run into thousands of dollars for a simple ten-minute exam.

While Maryland is among a handful of states that have enacted measures to prevent this type of predatory billing, plaintiffs who file claims of medical malpractice in Maryland courts against hospital emergency rooms often face a different challenge. Most states hold hospitals directly liable for the actions of their acute care physicians regardless of whether they are employees or contractors. However, Maryland’s court system requires that a patient prove they were unaware of their emergency room doctor’s third party designation at the time of treatment before a hospital can be found responsible for medical errors or negligence. A good personal injury attorney will strive to convince a jury that a plaintiff was not made adequately aware of their doctor’s employment status because hospitals usually have more extensive insurance coverage than third party medical contractors, allowing for the possibility of a larger monetary award.

Some of the major personal injury attorneys that regularly sue Charles Emergency Physicians for medical malpractice are Schochor, Federico And Staton, P.A., and Smith Gildea & Schmidt LLC. As Charles Emergency Physicians practices exclusively at Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore County, claims against it are filed in Baltimore County Circuit Court. If you or a loved one have been injured by Charles Emergency Physicians, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to assess your claim.

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