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About Washington Adventist Hospital

Washington Adventist Hospital, also known under Adventist HealthCare, is a not-for-profit health service organization based in Gaithersburg, Maryland that employs more than 6,000 people and provides healthcare for over 400,000 people. The primary service area for the hospital is in Washington D.C. metropolitan area. According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Washington Adventist, entered with that exact spelling (and Adventist HealthCare), has been sued, as a defendant in Maryland Circuit Courts, 171 times since September 2012.

  • 154 Civil
  •  1 DJ
  • 7 Domestic
  • 7 Medical Malpractice and Other Torts
  • 2 Workers’ Compensation

Majority of these 171 cases where held in the Montgomery County Circuit Court with 144 cases being held there. With the other cases, Washington Adventist Hospital was sued; 2 times in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court, 2 times in Baltimore City Circuit Court, 1 time in Howard County Circuit Court, and 22 times in Prince George’s County Circuit Court. With these 171 cases; 135 are closed, 3 are active, 4 are closed and inactive, 26 are open, 1 case is open and active, and 2 cases have been reopened.


Washington Adventist Hospital in the news

In December 2013, Washington Adventist Hospital was sued for medical malpractice due to a death of an 81 year old women. Nancy Puppolo, the women who died, was taken to Washington Adventist Hospital via ambulance for a stroke. Puppolo was ordered a CT scan of the head, chest x-ray, and blood work, which where interpreted that there was no sign of stoke of bleeding. Puppolo later suffered a massive intracranial hemorrhage, which set her into a coma. After being out into this coma, Puppolo was transferred to Maryland Shock Trauma, where she later passed away. After the death of Puppolo, Adventist HealthCare was sued by Celeste Puppolo on behalf of Nancy Puppolo.



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