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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Against Mercy

According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Mercy Medical Center Inc, entered with that exact spelling, has been sued as the defendant in civil cases in the Maryland Circuit Court system 135 times since September 2012. The most common kind of lawsuit against Mercy is medical malpractice with 68 out of the 135 cases being so. The most common jurisdiction for suits against Mercy is Baltimore City with 104 cases, though the city is not the only place Mercy is sued.  They have also been sued in Baltimore County 17 times, 3 times in Anne Arundel County, 3 times in Howard County, 2 times in Montgomery County, and 6 times in Prince George’s County. Mercy is most commonly sued under the name Mercy Medical Center.  Mercy has also been sued as “Mercy Hospital”, “Mercy Medical Center Inc”,  and “Mercy Health Services, Inc.”

Most experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Baltimore have had at least one case against Mercy, as it is one of the larger and older hospitals in Baltimore.  You can read more about Mercy here:,_Maryland).  To see specific lawyers, you can see the list below or use FeeReducer to find some of the best medical malpractice lawyers for cases against Mercy.

You will see in the graphs below that the most common result in med mal lawsuits against Mercy is a dismissal.  This does not necessarily mean the victim did not receive compensation.  Many cases that are settled would produce this result.  That said, medical malpractice lawsuits always have a high bar.  Attorneys do not simply take any malpractice case that walks in the door.  In fact, the vast majority of what a client perceives as med mal does not result in a lawsuit.  Cases are very expensive to bring, and, therefore, nearly all good med mal attorneys are going to require the case have substantial permanent injury in order to move forward with representation.


Mercy Medical Center in the news

Recently, in Septemeber 2019, Mercy Medical Center was sued due to a disability discrimination lawsuit which was filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity, Commission (EEOC). The EEOC filed this suit due to Mercy not accommodating Alina Sorling, a 10-year cafeteria employee who had survived a severe illness that left her with vision loss. In 2015, after a successful rehabilitation, Sorling  sought to return to work and informed her employer of the multiple accommodations that she or the California Department of Rehabilitation could provide to allow her to perform her job duties. These suggestions where rejected, and shortly afterwards, Sorling was fired. Sorling is said to be paid a total of around $570,000 for lost wages, compensatory damages, and attorney fees. In additional to these fees, the company is being told it has to update the policies, procedures, and training to avoid an issue like this in the future.

This information was obtained from “Mercy Medical Center to Pay $570,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit”, written by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Statistic about Mercy Medical Center

According to Baltimore Business Journal, in 2018, the following was true:

  • 174 beds, licensed
  • 16,127 Admissions
  • 258,536 Outpatient visits
  • 274,663 Admissions and Outpatient visits
This information is from “Hospitals, Ranked by Admissions at Hospitals in Greater Baltimore in 2018” written by Maria Sieron, Baltimore Business Journal (November 8-14, 2019)

Last updated November 14, 2019

All data below is as according to the MD Judiciary, As of: 9/26/2012. Data Policy

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