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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Against Sinai Hospital

According to Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Sinai Hospital, entered with that exact spelling, has been sued for medical malpractice 66 times and for tort claims 39 times since 2012. The exact search criteria used on Maryland Judiciary Case Search is as follows:  Company: Sinai Hospital, Party Type: Defendant, Case Type: Civil, Court System: Circuit Court only, County: Default All, Filing Date: 9/26/2012-07/10/2020.

Sinai Hospital in the News

In May 2011, Gary Stern was admitted to the Sinai Hospital emergency room with intense abdominal pain. The attending gastroenterologist (GI) determined that Mr. Stern was suffering from a flare up of Chron’s disease, a chronic bowel disorder that was noted in his medical history. He was subsequently discharged without an official diagnosis, but the pain increased in severity and after eight days he sought treatment at Northwest Hospital. Once again, the consulting GI failed to establish a diagnosis, and Mr. Stern’s condition deteriorated rapidly.

What the two GI’s neglected to consider, as alleged in a lawsuit filed by Stern in 2014, was an upper intestinal abnormality as the cause for his persistent pain. Unfortunately, an accurate diagnosis came too late. Shortly after being discharged from Northwest Hospital, an undetected and untreated ulcer in Stern’s intestinal tract ruptured, triggering an avalanche of intra-abdominal medical issues that devastated his quality of life. In less than two years, he underwent over a dozen surgeries to repair the damage from the perforated ulcer and racked up medical bills in excess of $1 million.  Confined to a wheelchair, in constant agony and unable to digest solid food, he was implanted with a 24-hour pain pump and received nutrition through a feeding tube.

Stern’s attorney, Jay Miller of The Law Offices of Peter Angelos, argued at trial in Baltimore City Circuit court that doctors at Sinai Hospital, Northwest Hospital, and Woodholme Gastroenterology, P.A. committed a grave dereliction of medical duty in their treatment of his client. All three facilities are operated by LifeBridge Health. A jury ultimately agreed, awarding Stern $28 million in damages.

History of Sinai Hospital

Founded in 1866 as the Hebrew Hospital and Asylum, Sinai Hospital is a Jewish sponsored, non-profit facility with an emphasis on clinical research and teaching.  The hospital trains over 400 medical students from around the world at its Northwest Baltimore campus every year.  In addition to providing acute patient care, Sinai Hospital offers a variety of specialty centers, including the Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute, the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Brain & Spine Institute, and the Cardiovascular Institute.

In 1998, Sinai Hospital joined LifeBridge Health, a nonprofit healthcare system that contains several other medical facilities in the greater Baltimore area. Northwest Hospital, Carroll Hospital, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center, and a number of primary and specialty care offices are all operated by the LifeBridge Health organization.

Statistics about Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

According to Baltimore Business Journal, in 2018, the following was true:

  • 340 beds, licensed
  • 19,083 Admissions
  • 196,883 Outpatient visits
  • 215,966 Admissions and Outpatient visits
This information is from “Hospitals, Ranked by Admissions at Hospitals in Greater Baltimore in 2018” written by Maria Sieron, Baltimore Business Journal (November 8-14, 2019)

Some of the major personal injury attorneys that regularly sue Sinai Hospital for medical malpractice are: Goodman, Meagher & Enoch, Cardaro & Peek, Weltchek, Mallahan & Weltchek, Bennett & Heyman, and Schochor, Federico And Staton. As the hospital is based in Baltimore City, most of the cases filed in the Maryland circuit court system against the Sinai Hospital were in Baltimore City Circuit Court. If you have been injured by Sinai Hospital, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to assess your claim.


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