Maryland Lawsuits AgainstGreater Baltimore Medical Center Inc

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The charted statistics below go through September of 2012.  Since September of 2012, GBMC has been sued 62 times, at least with lawsuits against the defendant “Greater Baltimore Medical” followed by various variations of what are clearly GBMC lawsuits.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Against GBMC

Of the amount of lawsuits listed above, 40 are medical malpractice lawsuits against GBMC.  The lawsuits have been brought by such attorneys as Alison Koehler, Michael Belsky, David Ellin, Julia Arfaa, Phil Federico, Jonathan Schochor, and numerous other, mostly well known medical malpractice law firms and litigators.

All of the lawsuits were brought in either Baltimore County or Baltimore City.  However, in multiples occurrences the venue was changed to Baltimore County on cases brought in the City.  The hospital is in the County.  Many of its patients are County residents.  Even for those who are not, however, the suit is likely going to take place in the County as it’s the defendant location and location of services rendered are County.

GBMC delivers a lot of babies.  Therefore, cases are sometimes birth injury cases.  There is no way to determine, just from the statistics, when a lawsuit is a birth injury case against GBMC.  However, in seeing who the co-defendants are in any given case often can give an indication.  Moreover, some lawyers concentrate in birth injury lawsuits, frequently against hospitals such are GBMC.

Side note: the author of this site was born at GBMC as were both of the author’s children.  If I had more children, they’d be born at GBMC.  It’s a great hospital.  That said, medical negligence and medical mistakes happen and a patient should not have to pay for these mistakes.  If a doctor and/or a hospital is negligent, the case should be pursued.  If there’s a possibility of negligence, it should at least be investigated.

If you might have a case against GBMC, study the statistics and study the attorneys.  If you need assistance in selecting a lawyer and arriving at an appropriate fee with that attorney, get assistance from the FeeReducer.


Greater Baltimore Medical Center in the news

In 2017, GBMC was involved with a wrongful death case involving a $450k award in Baltimore County Circuit Court. Carl Palmer, a former smoker, went to GBMC in Novemeber of 2005, where a CT scan revealed an abnormality in his upper right lung. After this CT scan, a letter was sent to Palmer’s primary care physician, E. Timothy Souweine. Souweine was recommended to perform annual scans on Mr. Palmer to check on this abnormality, but reported to never schedule an appointment. Mr Palmer received an X-ray in March 2008 prior to a surgery showing this abnormality was still there, and was recommended to have a follow up with Dr. Souweine, which again, didn’t happen. Lastly, in 2010, Mr Palmer was diagnosed with lung cancer, which was stage four at this point. Mr Palmer passed two years later. Palmer’s family filed a lawsuit in 2013 claiming that if Palmer was diagnosed in 2008, he would have only been stage one lung cancer, and therefore could have had surgery to remove the cancer. The family was awarded around $450k with a verdict that happened on May 18, 2017.


Statistics on Greater Baltimore Medical Center

According to Baltimore Business Journal, in 2018, the following was true:

  • 239 beds, licensed
  • 21,298 Admissions
  • 145,943 Outpatient Visits
  • 167,241 Admissions and Outpatient visits
This information is from “Hospitals, Ranked by Admissions at Hospitals in Greater Baltimore in 2018” written by Maria Sieron, Baltimore Business Journal (November 8-14, 2019)

Last updated November 14, 2019

All data below is as according to the MD Judiciary, As of: 9/26/2012. Data Policy

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