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By Stephanie Yanovich, on February 7, 2023

There were 19 medical malpractice suits filed in the month of January that we covered. Some hospitals are listed as co-defendants in suits against individual practitioners, and vice versa. These are for cases listed as medical malpractice or med mal in the Maryland Case Search database, excluding PG County and Montgomery County which do not break out their statistics.

The following 8 lawsuits were filed against hospitals:

Anne Arundel Medical Center

  • Tinika Kerns, et al. vs. Courtney Doyle, MD, et al.
  • Lawyer: Emily Claire Malarkey, Esq. / Natalie D’Antonio, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Luminis Health Care Services, Inc. / Luminis Health Medical Group Anne Arundel Medical Center, LLC


Calvert Health Medical Center 

  • Katelyn Casserly, et al. vs. CalvertHealth Medical Group, LLC, et al.
  • Lawyer: Justin Paul Zuber, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Miller & Zois, LLC
  • Co-defendants: CalvertHealth Medical Center / Megan Scott, RN / Jennifer Crocker, RN / Katreena Settle, MD


Mercy Medical Center

  • Carol Mosley Sessomes, et al vs Shawn Michael Peffall MD, et al
  • Lawyer: Scott Philip Kurlander, Esq. / Jonathan Schochor, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Schochor And Staton, PA
  • Co-defendants: Mercy Medical Center, Inc. / Kyu Kim Choon, MD / Carroll Digestive Associates, PA


Northwest Hospital Center

  • Melvin Develde vs. Northwest Hospital Center, Inc., et al.
  • Lawyer: Brian Stuart Brown, Esq. / Matthew Brian Thompson, Esq. / Christopher T. Casciano, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Brown & Barron, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Thomas Joseph Krisanda, MD


Southern Maryland Hospital Center

  • Jerry Paulk vs. Steven Spitz, MD, et al.
  • Lawyer: Sandra Hawkins Robinson, Esq.
  • Law Firm: The Cochran Firm
  • Co-defendants: MedStar Georgetown Medical Center, Inc. t/a / Medstar Surgery Center At Brandywine, Llc / Medstar Southern Maryland Hospital Center, Inc. / Medstar Medical Group Southern Maryland, Llc / Medstar Georgetown Medical Center, Inc.t/a Medstar Georgetown Univ Hospital


University of Maryland Medical System

  • Blake Ward, et al vs University Of Maryland Obstetrical And Gynecological Associates, PA, et al
  • Lawyer: Daniel J. Miller, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Miller Stern Lawyers
  • Co-defendants: University Of Maryland Medical Systems Corporation / Gautum Rao, MD


  • Eric Simpkins vs University Of Maryland Medical System Corporation, et al
  • Lawyer: Matthew B. Rogers, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Greenberg Law Office
  • Co-defendants: Maryland General Hospital, Inc. / Maryland General Clinical Practice Group / University Of Maryland Emergency Medicine Associates, PA / University Of Maryland Psychiatry Associates, PA


University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center

  • James Smith, Jr., et al. vs. University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, et al.
  • Lawyer: Peter Thomas McDowell, Esq.
  • Law Firm: The Law Office of Peter T. McDowell
  • Co-defendants: University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health System Inc. / Upper Chesapeake Medical Center Inc. / Upper Chesapeake Health Systems Co.


The remaining 11 lawsuits were filed against individual practitioners, separate entities, or nursing homes:

  • Lawyer: Christopher P. Brown, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Brown And Getka, PA


  • Cassandra Carter, et al vs Manor Care-Ruxton MD LLC, et al
  • Lawyer: Gregory G. Hopper, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Manorcare Health Services LLC


  • Frederick Stenton, et al. vs. Richard Muths, Doctor of Dental Sur, et al.
  • Lawyer: Paul D. Bekman, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey and Perlin, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Richard W. Muths, DDS & Associates, PC


  • Joseph Mule, et al. vs. Winter Growth, Inc.
  • Lawyer: Anne L. Preston, Esq. / Thomas Christopher Costello, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Costello Law Group


  • Beth Ann Davis, et al. vs. Vajira Gunawardane, MD, et al.
  • Lawyer: Thomas C. Summers, Esq. / David Charles Ellin, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Law Office of David Ellin, PC
  • Co-defendants: Maryland Pain And Spine Center LLC / Westminster Surgery Center LLC


  • Steven Kellogg, et al. vs. John Jackson, MD, et al.
  • Lawyer: Jonathan Schochor, Esq. / Kerry D. Staton, Esq. / Patrick Terrence Gaffney, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Schochor And Staton, PA / Patrick T. Gaffney Attorney At Law
  • Co-defendants: MedStar Medical Group II LLC / DiMarzio Gordon Jackson Kinzer Miller & Verkouw PA


  • Kimberly Peay vs. Jemilat Badamas, MD, et al.
  • Lawyer: Joshua Franklin Kahn, Esq. / Jonathan Schochor, Esq. / Kerry D. Staton, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Schochor And Staton, PA
  • Co-defendants: Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, PC / Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc.


  • Patrice Cochran vs. Manor Care-Ruxton MD, LLC
  • Lawyer: David C.M. Ledyard, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Ledyard Law LLC


  • Nicholas Liberto, et al. vs. Shahab Malik, MD, et al.
  • Lawyer: Michael S. Warshaw, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Royston Mueller McLean & Reid LLP
  • Co-defendants: Lauren Sobotka, RN


  • Laurie Moran vs. Marisol Coughlin, CRNP, et al.
  • Lawyer: Paul Joseph Weber, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Hyatt & Weber, PA
  • Co-defendants: Maryland Medical First, PA


  • Alice Belton vs. Jeffrey Dormu, et al.
  • Lawyer:¬† Christian Clark Mester, Esq. / Michael John Winkelman, Esq.
  • Law Firm: McCarthy, Winkelman, Mester & Offutt, LLP
  • Co-defendants: Minimally Invasive Vascular Center of Maryland, LLC



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