Maryland Lawsuits AgainstFrederick Memorial Hospital Inc

Baltimore, MD 21201

Frederick Memorial Hospital Inc.

According the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, Frederick Memorial, entered with that exact spelling, has been sued as the defendant in civil cases in the Maryland circuit court systems 36 times since September 2012.

  • 27 Medical Malpractice and “Other Torts”
  • 8 APA
  • 1 Civil

There are other search variations for Frederick Memorial such as Frederick Memorial Healthcare System, Frederick Memorial Hospital Inc., and Frederick Memorial Hospital. The majority of cases filed in the Maryland circuit court system against Frederick Memorial were in the Frederick County Circuit Court, however 2 cases were filed in the Washington County Circuit Court, and 1 additional case was filed in the Prince George’s County Circuit Court.

Out of the 36 cases filed in the Maryland circuit court system Frederick Memorial since September 2012, 20 are closed and inactive. Additionally, 7 are closed, 3 are open and active, 2 are closed and active, and 4 are open.

Some of the law firms that most frequently represent Genesis Healthcare include: Kaslick & Prete, LLC, Kramon & Graham, P.A., and Anderson, Coe & King, LLP.

About Frederick Memorial

Frederick Memorial Hospital has 233 licensed beds, and is the only hospital located in Frederick County, Maryland. With over 2,700 employees, Frederick Memorial is one of the largest employers in Frederick County. The Frederick Memorial facility is the hub of a much larger Frederick Regional Health System (FRHS).


Last updated July 19, 2018

All data below is as according to the MD Judiciary, As of: 9/26/2012. Data Policy

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