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April 2016 in the Maryland Judiciary

By Byron Warnken

There were 7,976 unique cases filed in Maryland circuit courts.  This represents Maryland state circuit courts only – not federal courts or Maryland appellate courts.

Torts, as usual, did not make up a particularly large portion of the cases filed.  Housing foreclosures, also as usual, represented the largest swath of cases.

Break down of cases by listing type:

  • 259 Motor Torts Cases Filed
  • 231 Workers’ Compensation Appeals and Administrative Agency Appeals
  • 40 Medical Malpractice Actions

Some of the most active personal injury lawyers in Maryland, by number of cases filed:

Car Accident Lawyers

Mcelroy, Thomas Esq
Walter, Brennan W Esq
Poberesky, Alex Esq
Hoffman, Marc E Esq
Berry, Nathan E Esq
Dachille, Timothy A Esq
Dwin, Harold P Esq
Hammond, Gregory E Esq
Harak, David A Esq
Hensley, Samuel F Esq


Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Boscolo, Benjamin T Esq
Macleay, Kenneth G Esq
Hall, John M Jr
Gordon, Matthew D Esq

First-Quarter 2016 Maryland Judiciary Statistics

By Byron Warnken

In all, there were 22,310 unique civil actions in Maryland’s circuit courts in the first quarter of 2016.  Torts, as always, were a far smaller percentage of the whole than the tort reformers would have you believe.  Case types classically defined as “torts” or personal injury – car accidents, workers’ compensation appeals, and medical malpractice […]

September’s Car Accident Cases in Maryland

By Byron Warnken

September saw at least 227 car accident cases (listed as either motor tort or motor torts) filed in Maryland Circuit Courts, not include Maryland District Courts which also see numerous cases filed in Maryland, or Prince George’s or Montgomery Counties – also with significant volume. Of those listed, not surprisingly, Baltimore City has the largest amount […]

May 2015 Maryland Circuit Court Lawsuits Filed

By Byron Warnken

May of 2015 saw very few medical malpractice cases, as is clearly the norm.  In all, there were only 19 lawsuits listed as medical malpractice or, as Anne Arundel County lists them, MEDMAL.  Per usual, our monthly report on torts including med mal does not include Montgomery County or Prince George’s County cases, as they […]

April 2015 Maryland Litigation Statistics

By Byron Warnken

April 2015 saw 6699 different cases filed in Maryland Circuit Courts. Of these cases, only 10 were listed as medical malpractice. This is completely consistent with numbers from the first quarter. We highlighted those stats – medical malpractice made up less than one half of 1% of all circuit court cases – in this medical […]

Last Month’s Judiciary Stats

By Byron Warnken

In March, circuit courts of Maryland were, per usual, quite busy.  There were 8723 listed actions, not including criminal cases.  Of these, there were 6633 different case numbers assigned. Also as usual, the number of cases listed as personal injury or related, was only a small fraction of the whole.  There were 30 medical malpractice […]

The Maryland Judiciary’s Budget Request and Last Month’s Stats

By Byron Warnken

The Maryland Judiciary has requested $549 million dollars for their 2016 operating budget. According to the Daily Record, this is approximately a 10% increase over the current fiscal year. On first blush, this might seem like a large number. However, consider, for a moment, last month’s figures that we now report. There were 5410 cases […]

Peter Angelos Still Works Cases?

By Byron Warnken went from algorithmic updates to hand updates within the last few months.  A smattering of the updates come across my desk.  Actually, they do the modern day equivalent and pipe through my inbox.  I’m seldom surprised by what I see.  If I thought a lawyer was busy and handling a lot of car accident […]

November Maryland Circuit Court Statistics

By Byron Warnken

Medical malpractice lawsuits, or the lack thereof, is what stood out in November.  There were only 21 different medical malpractice lawsuits filed in Maryland in November. The number seems smaller than one might otherwise guess. Well known defendants include Frederick Memorial Hospital, Northwest Hospital Center, Emergency Medicine Associates, PA, Franklin Square Hospital, Peninsula Regional Medical […]