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Last Month’s Judiciary Stats

By Byron Warnken, on April 12, 2015

In March, circuit courts of Maryland were, per usual, quite busy.  There were 8723 listed actions, not including criminal cases.  Of these, there were 6633 different case numbers assigned.

Also as usual, the number of cases listed as personal injury or related, was only a small fraction of the whole.  There were 30 medical malpractice cases and 320 car accident cases.  There were 58 cases specifically listed as workers’ compensation appeals, with another 224 cases as administrative agency appeals.  (The bulk of these are workers’ compensation appeals.)  The specifically delineated stats in this paragraph do not account for Prince George’s County or Montgomery County who list personal injury type cases as, generically, “Civil.”

This month, we highlight some of the top Maryland car accident lawyers for the month.

  • Clinten Allgair filed six different lawsuits, four of which were in Anne Arundel County
  • Stuart Arnovits filed five different suits, all in Baltimore City
  • Ben Boscolo, perhaps better known for his work on behalf of injured workers, filed four different car accident lawsuits
  • Charlie Gilman filed five different suits between Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Carroll County
  • Steven Nichols filed five different suits
  • Alex Poberesky filed four suits, as did Deborah Potter and Frank Trock
  • Brennan Walter led the way with seven car accident lawsuits in Maryland Circuit Courts

Please note, the above stats are only for Circuit Courts and do not include Prince George’s or Montgomery counties.


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