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April 2016 in the Maryland Judiciary

By Byron Warnken, on May 24, 2016

There were 7,976 unique cases filed in Maryland circuit courts.  This represents Maryland state circuit courts only – not federal courts or Maryland appellate courts.

Torts, as usual, did not make up a particularly large portion of the cases filed.  Housing foreclosures, also as usual, represented the largest swath of cases.

Break down of cases by listing type:

  • 259 Motor Torts Cases Filed
  • 231 Workers’ Compensation Appeals and Administrative Agency Appeals
  • 40 Medical Malpractice Actions

Some of the most active personal injury lawyers in Maryland, by number of cases filed:

Car Accident Lawyers

Mcelroy, Thomas Esq
Walter, Brennan W Esq
Poberesky, Alex Esq
Hoffman, Marc E Esq
Berry, Nathan E Esq
Dachille, Timothy A Esq
Dwin, Harold P Esq
Hammond, Gregory E Esq
Harak, David A Esq
Hensley, Samuel F Esq


Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Boscolo, Benjamin T Esq
Macleay, Kenneth G Esq
Hall, John M Jr
Gordon, Matthew D Esq

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