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Who Owns the Law?

By Byron Warnken

That’s the question put forth by the ABA Journal, a publication of the American Bar Association (see story here).  Author Victor Li asks this important question at the right time.  It’s always been a good and relevant question.  However, never before were there so many implications to the answer.

For example, this site, was literally created by two guys, one with some legal chops the other with some programming chops, out of a proverbial garage.  We downloaded Maryland’s circuit courts’ public records.  Two guys.  Low budget.  Millions of records.  If the State of Maryland were to assert copyright protection over the material, it would be problem for us.  Even though we believe the data is completely public, it would be a David v. Goliath type of fight.

We believe – like many others believe – that the law and other documents produced by the government are public.  The property of no one and/or the property of all of its citizens.  I don’t have anything against intellectual property, including copyright.  In fact, I assert copyright protection for the work we have done in turning public data into statistics.  However, when it’s the law – when it is the government – that’s public domain.  It belongs to you, to me, and to everyone.  I hope you do something with public data too.  The more we look at and analyze public data, the more transparency there is in the process.  And transparency and government should go hand in hand.

Legal Publishing is Changing

By Byron Warnken

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court is now the publisher of its own opinions.  The official publisher. For someone without some knowledge of the industry, this statement may seem pedestrian.  But for people who know the role that companies like West and Lexis play in the legal world, it’s revolutionary.  It’s now no longer difficult to see a […]

Who visits InjuryLawyerDatabase and what do they want to know?

By Byron Warnken expects to generate much of its web traffic from Internet search engines.  There is early evidence the expectation will be met.  In the last three months, has seen 1,481 different search terms bring visitors to the site.  Some search terms have brought hundreds of visitors, many only one. Broadly, the searches fall into […]

What is and who benefits?

By Byron Warnken

The following video talks about why exists. Who Benefits? The Injured Prospective clients need information.  Those injured in an accident, victims of malpractice or other negligence, or those hurt at work have a lot of questions and uncertainty about where to turn for answers.  Depending upon the severity of the injury, hiring an attorney […]

Workers’ Compensation – Statistics from Two Databases

By Byron Warnken

The website is actually made up of two separate databases.  One database comes from the Workers’ Compensation Commission list of cases.  The other database comes from Maryland Case Search, the Maryland Judiciary’s list of cases.  The two databases are not combined on the website, resulting in multiple listings for a number of the more […]

What Will The ILD Maryland Litigation Blog be About?

By Byron Warnken

To conclude our intro series, including our formal press release and our terminology page, we want to express what the blog will be about… Our mission is Through transparency, we aim to bring the right clients together with the right lawyers online.  All aspects of this site will further the goal.  The blog is no […]

Our Formal Launch Press Release

By Byron Warnken

Baltimore, Maryland – May 14, 2013  A Baltimore entrepreneur is turning public data into a private benefit for consumers.  Byron Warnken, a lawyer, has turned the Maryland legal cases database into statistics on lawyers and defendants.  It’s now easier to ascertain who gets sued the most and why, as well as which lawyers are the best at […]