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The Maryland Judiciary’s Budget Request and Last Month’s Stats

By Byron Warnken, on March 13, 2015

The Maryland Judiciary has requested $549 million dollars for their 2016 operating budget. According to the Daily Record, this is approximately a 10% increase over the current fiscal year. On first blush, this might seem like a large number. However, consider, for a moment, last month’s figures that we now report.

There were 5410 cases filed. This is just new filings. And just circuit court. Including district court, there are many times this number of cases. Just for one month.

Practicing lawyers in Maryland know that the administration of justice could always be smoother. Well spent, money could help solve the problem. I don’t know how the money is intending to be spent (read the Daily Record article), but I do know that more resources are necessary.

At, we report, specifically, on personal injury cases and personal injury statistics. To that end, of the 5410 cases, there were:

  • 26 medical malpractice cases filed
  • 260 car accident cases filed
  • 216 workers’ compensation cases filed

Important to note: the three bullets above do not include the breakdowns for Prince George’s County and Montgomery County. Personal injury cases for those two counties are included in the 5410, but are not specifically broken out as those counties report in a more generic way.

No medical malpractice lawyer filed more than one of the 26 medical malpractice cases we report. However, multiple med mal firms filed more than one case. This includes Dugan Babij, Salsbury Clements, and Schochor, Federico & Staton. In short, the usual suspects.

Lawyers filing more than two of the 260 car accident cases we report include Stuart Arnovits, Paul Bekman, Harold Dwin, John N. Fox, Isaac Klein, Thomas Mcelroy, Frank Muher, Ernest Nichols, Deborah Potter, John Stolarz, Damon Trazzi, and Brennan Walter. Again, it’s important to remember the 260 cases do not include PG or Montgomery County and are circuit court only. There are also numerous car accident cases filed in Maryland’s district courts. District court has a lower damages threshold than circuit court.

In workers’ comp land, of the 216 cases, selected attorneys filing more than one case include Ken Berman, Ben Boscolo, Bill Butler, Gretchen Rogers, Aaron Schwartz, and Rebecca Smith.

Unfortunately for Maryland and our economy, foreclosure cases remain the most commonly filed matters in Maryland circuit courts.

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