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Morgan and Morgan Baltimore??

By Byron Warnken, on May 24, 2021

Morgan & Morgan bills itself as America’s largest personal injury firm, with offices in 17 states. Its website has announced the opening of a Baltimore area office. At first glance, this new location seems like any other. But research reveals that the Morgan & Morgan Baltimore office may not be fully staffed or have day-to-day in Baltimore operations.

The address on the firm’s website corresponds to the Legg Mason tower, a large office facility near the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore. But Morgan & Morgan is not listed among the building’s main tenants.  None of the firm’s attorneys are listed as associated with the Maryland office, and there is no local phone number associated with the Baltimore address. A firm representative reached at a toll-free line was also unable to provide any direct contact information for a Baltimore branch as of the time of publication.

None of this means that Morgan & Morgan hasn’t had Maryland cases in the past or doesn’t have them now.  More than likely they’re litigating, possibly with co-counsel, Maryland cases right now.  Furthermore, between asbestos and general drug and device and other class actions, there’s no question they are helping Maryland families.

So is “John Morgan Baltimore!” really coming with a splash?  It’s hard to say.  If John Morgan desires a truly nationwide personal injury law firm, Maryland actually doesn’t seem likely to be at the top of the list.  Maryland has absurd caps on pain and suffering and wrongful death damages – caps that many other states don’t have.  So whether it’s a business decision or simply the ability to obtain real justice for an injury victim, there are other states that may be a better fit.

It remains to be seen if Morgan & Morgan’s Baltimore office will ever handle any volume of Baltimore personal injury cases. We (at Warnken, LLC) would love to see Morgan & Morgan in the Baltimore market.  John Morgan is the real deal – he does what he does to get just compensation for those that need it and to give a big middle finger to the powerful who take advantage of the little guy.  Baltimore could always use more people like that – especially those with the resources to make a difference.

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