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August is a Slow Month for Litigation

By Byron Warnken, on September 21, 2015

August is a slow month for a lot of things in the business, corporate, financial, and legal worlds.  Except vacations.  August is not a slow month for vacations.

Litigation is no exception.  The numbers of new lawsuits filed is notably low for August of 2015.  Here are the stats:

  • 12 medical malpractice lawsuits filed
  • 55 cases listed as “workers’ compensation appeals” filed in Circuit Courts in Maryland.  (There were an additional 92 administrative agency appeals filed, some of which are actually workers’ comp cases.)
  • 225 car accident lawsuits filed

That’s a slow month.

The medical malpractice lawyers who were busy working were the usual suspects.  Schochor’s office, including Jon Schochor, Kerry Staton, Scott Kurlander, and Phil Federico were busy, filing three med mal suits.  Stuart Salsbury himself filed three medical malpractice lawsuits in as diverse a set of counties as you will see – Allegany, Frederick, and Wicomico.  From the same office, Paul Bekman also filed a suit in Baltimore.  A serious of other attorneys filed one med mal suit on behalf of clients.

Some of the defendants being sued in August medical malpractice cases:




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