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May 2015 Maryland Circuit Court Lawsuits Filed

By Byron Warnken, on June 14, 2015

May of 2015 saw very few medical malpractice cases, as is clearly the norm.  In all, there were only 19 lawsuits listed as medical malpractice or, as Anne Arundel County lists them, MEDMAL.  Per usual, our monthly report on torts including med mal does not include Montgomery County or Prince George’s County cases, as they report their statistics differently, making it hard to decipher anything out of the data.  Granted, MoCo and PG are big, active, DC area counties, but, still, 19 Med Mal lawsuits.  19.

Other stats were as follows:

  • 193 Car Accident Cases, referred to as MT or motor tort
  • 127 Cases that either are or are very likely to be workers’ compensation appeals

Therefore, as is common, torts are not what’s crowding the docket, at least not in Maryland’s Circuit Courts.  In total, there were 5991 different lawsuits we tracked, and 339 are directly tort related.  Foreclosures numbered in the thousands.  Divorce and family law was busy as usual as well.



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