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September 2018 Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in and around Baltimore

By Byron Warnken

There were about 21 medical malpractice suits filed in the month of September in and around Baltimore.  Some hospitals are listed as co-defendants in suits against individual practitioners, and vice versa.  These are for cases listed as medical malpractice or med mal, excluding PG County and Montgomery County which do not break out their statistics […]

The Hidden Costs of Maryland’s Non-Economic Damages Cap

By Byron Warnken

One might think a cap on non-economic damages is reasonable.  In theory, it is reasonable.  That’s how the right sells it to our population.  I do not, however, believe the cap on non-economic damages in Maryland is reasonable.  It’s simply too low at approximately $800,000. How do you tell someone born with severe cerebral palsy […]