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What Will The ILD Maryland Litigation Blog be About?

By Byron Warnken, on May 14, 2013

To conclude our intro series, including our formal press release and our terminology page, we want to express what the blog will be about…

Our mission is Through transparency, we aim to bring the right clients together with the right lawyers online.  All aspects of this site will further the goal.  The blog is no exception.  The blog will not publish stats on lawyers and defendants, their individual pages will do that.  The blog will help to interpret stats, compare stats, or point out stats that seem to be outliers, whether good or bad.

In addition, the blog will report on lawsuits in the news, mostly from Maryland, but from around the country to some degree as well.  If our stats from lawyer or defendant pages can add to that story, we will point them out.  The purpose of this is to both be a recognized source of useful information, as well as bring new visitors to our website.  These visitors can learn the power of statistics in making litigation decisions.  The blog will also be used to feature defendants and feature lawyers.

In addition to the blog, the learn the law section is designed to educate potential clients just slightly.  The information is not in any way intended to be legal advice.  The only things contained are a fact or two for potential clients, as well as a point in the right direction.  Finding the right place to go to get the counsel you need is often difficult.  We aim to make it slightly easier.


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