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Workers’ Compensation – Statistics from Two Databases

By Byron Warnken, on May 28, 2013

The website is actually made up of two separate databases.  One database comes from the Workers’ Compensation Commission list of cases.  The other database comes from Maryland Case Search, the Maryland Judiciary’s list of cases.  The two databases are not combined on the website, resulting in multiple listings for a number of the more active workers’ comp lawyers.

For example, Cliff Sobin has a listing here from the Case Search records.  However, he was also recognized by the Comp Pinkbook, our internal publication stemming from the workers’ comp database.  Cliff Sobin’s pinkbook page is here.

The listings for Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers found here only represent workers’ compensation claims.  Claims are handled by the Commission (Maryland’s WCC).  The Commission is the first stop for any workers’ compensation “case.”  When the Commission doesn’t produce the result one party seeks, the case may go to the Maryland court system.

Our pages reflecting statistics on lawyers derived from Maryland case search reflect both workers’ compensation cases that have been taken up for judicial review, as well as any other cases the lawyer has handled.  There are a number of case types that represent workers’ compensation cases at the judicial review phase:

  • Administrative Agency Appeal
  • Workers’ Compensation (of course)
  • Appeal – Workers’ Compensation
  • Appeals

Even though it can be referred to as “judicial review,” when a comp case goes to Circuit Court, it’s usually referred to as an appeal, as it is in the Case Search stats.  Therefore, if this is the listing of active lawyers from a claims standpoint, this is the list of MD comp lawyers active from a judicial review or appeals standpoint.

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