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Legal Publishing is Changing

By Byron Warnken, on February 19, 2014

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court is now the publisher of its own opinions.  The official publisher.

For someone without some knowledge of the industry, this statement may seem pedestrian.  But for people who know the role that companies like West and Lexis play in the legal world, it’s revolutionary.  It’s now no longer difficult to see a world where all courts – all makers of of caselaw – will publish directly to the world, bypassing a formerly “official” source and, in fact, becoming the official source.

It likely goes without saying that the Internet makes this possible.  Without a simple, cheap, and egalitarian method of distribution, you need an “official publisher” who is, well, a publisher.  Now, we’re all publishers.

The data on comes from MD Judiciary Case Search.  You can read more specifics about that here.  We most certainly do not claim to be an official publisher, but we’ve always held that what better place to get information and data than from its creator.  We aggregate statistics.  We use data to create actionable information.  The better and cheaper access companies like us have to official data, the more companies like us will do with that data.  We use data to show you a lawyer’s track record in court.  Other companies will do things far more meaningful.  It’s important we all have access to information.

Thanks to 3 Geeks and Justia for info on this potentially revolutionary development.

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