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What is and who benefits?

By Byron Warnken, on June 6, 2013

The following video talks about why exists.

Who Benefits?

The Injured

Prospective clients need information.  Those injured in an accident, victims of malpractice or other negligence, or those hurt at work have a lot of questions and uncertainty about where to turn for answers.  Depending upon the severity of the injury, hiring an attorney can be one of the biggest decisions of their lives.  Hiring the right lawyer can lead to a feeling of comfort and security, along with a large settlement or verdict.  Hiring the wrong injury lawyer can mean just the opposite – confusion, uncertainty, and less financial recovery.

Choosing a lawyer is a process filled with imperfect information.  Determining a lawyer’s true expertise and experience was difficult. has made it significantly easier.  Lawyers statistics are accumulated in one place.  Case types, results, common defendants, and co-counsels are put on display, bringing transparency to a confusing process.  All the data comes from real court filings from the Maryland Judiciary.

In addition to real information about lawyers, stats are provided on defendants, as well.  You can find out who has been sued, and with what frequency.  Importantly, you can find the lawyers with experience against the parties that might be responsible for your injury.  No one trusts hyperbole and self-serving statements in this day and age.  And largely with good reason.  Trust has been abused time and again by businesses, politicians, and service providers.  People need facts to make decisions. serves up those facts.


Lawyers benefit because they no longer need to scream about their qualities in a world that doesn’t want to listen to them anyway.  They have proof of their experience and results.  Lawyers can cite real third-party statistics without fear of seeming self-aggrandizing or worse, running afoul of rules of professional conduct.  In addition, lawyers can find the right clients, those who need their specific expertise and experience.  If an attorney is a car accident lawyer, they find those clients in car accidents.  The marketing is targeted, not the shotgun approach of television or the haphazard approach of a referral network.

Lawyers are not permitted to change their statistics.  They are, however, permitted and encouraged to put their own branding message on their pages, as well as pay to have the general advertising on their pages removed.  These fees and the advertising are what makes this important site possible.

Whether you are an attorney or a possible client, you can get assistance right now.  410-929-3353 or

We are not practicing attorneys and do not represent clients.  We simply provide this service for injury lawyers and the injured.


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