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Our Database to Increase More Than 20-fold

By Byron Warnken, on December 16, 2013

We first launched InjuryLawyerDatabase in Spring of 2013.  We launched with what was essentially a sampling of cases.  Our initial sample started with about 1000 lawyers we knew to be injury lawyers in Maryland.  We had the entirety of Maryland case search, so we pulled all of their cases.  We also pulled all of the cases for their most commonly sued defendants.  Most commonly sued in that case meant their top ten.  Once we had that sampling of cases, we published.

The goal was and is to provide statistics on Maryland injury lawyers.

Our original plan was to publish the rest of case search by late summer.  Ultimately, we discovered that what got us here won’t get us there.  The code we wrote to create the statistics needed to be rewritten.  Code for processing vast amounts of data has enough differences that we, in essence, scrapped what we had.

Our database was already big with well more than half a million cases.  If it was big, it will now be gargantuan.

Currently we have more than 10,000 pages indexed in search engines.  After the update we will have in the neighborhood of 250,000 pages.  We, of course, will not hand write each page.  Statistics and pages are generated programmatically.  If there are statistics, there is a page.  Therefore, the list of plaintiffs’ lawyers and lawsuit defendants in Maryland State Courts is more than a quarter million deep.

What’s the Point of

A lot of time and resources went into the creation of  Then a lot more went into rewriting vast amounts of code.

We believed then and we believe now that, to the extent possible, lawyers should be chosen based on quantifiable data, rather than conjecture and large advertising budgets.

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