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Who visits InjuryLawyerDatabase and what do they want to know?

By Byron Warnken expects to generate much of its web traffic from Internet search engines.  There is early evidence the expectation will be met.  In the last three months, has seen 1,481 different search terms bring visitors to the site.  Some search terms have brought hundreds of visitors, many only one.

Broadly, the searches fall into five different categories:

  • Our own branded keywords
  • Specific Defendants
  • Specific Lawyers
  • Best/Top Lawyer Searches
  • Research terms (the law or the injury)

Our own branded words consist of not just InjuryLawyerDatabase and a number of variations thereof, but also The Comp Pinkbook, our book containing Maryland workers’ compensation statistics.

Specific defendants include hospitals, other medical groups, insurance companies, Maryland and out-of-state corporations.  These searches are often “<Defendant Name> lawsuit or lawsuits.”  Sometimes the searches contain “lawsuits against…”  We added lawyers who most commonly sued particular defendants just before launch.  We made a good decision.

Specific lawyers includes both individual lawyer names, as well as the names of law firms.  Often, a lawyer will market the name of their firm, but not market their own name particularly heavily.  Our pages often appear at or near the top of search results for the lawyer’s specific name.  Moreover, search traffic certainly suggests we were correct in our assumption – when a potential client is researching an individual lawyer, the potential client would rather have objective information than subjective and self-serving information.  Sometimes accompanying specific lawyer searches is “cases”, “court cases”, “settlement amounts”, or a host of other terms indicating a desire for objective information.

“Best lawyers” and “top lawyers” searches are a common search for us in our early going.  Sometimes these terms are accompanied by a specific practice area, sometimes by a specific geography, and sometimes both.  For example, the search “best malpractice lawyers in Maryland,” was performed by two visitors to the site.  The average for the two visitors was 28 pages viewed.  Clearly these are two people doing extensive research on whom to hire.

Examples of research-based terms include birth injury terms, accident terms, and other specific legal research terms.

239 search terms contained the word lawsuit or lawsuits.  34 searches contained stats or statistical based terms.  52 searches involved the word case.  294 contained the word lawyer or attorney.

We experienced a spike in traffic for a few days related to press we received.  We were featured in multiple publications during the month.  On the whole, traffic tripled during a brief period.  Much of the traffic is not included in the above figures however.  The above figures only represent organic search traffic.

What is and who benefits?

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The following video talks about why exists. Who Benefits? The Injured Prospective clients need information.  Those injured in an accident, victims of malpractice or other negligence, or those hurt at work have a lot of questions and uncertainty about where to turn for answers.  Depending upon the severity of the injury, hiring an attorney […]

Unbiased Lawyer Reviews

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There are numerous problems with “unbiased lawyer reviews.”  Some of the problems are related to unbiased, some to lawyers, and some to reviews.  Put them all together and unbiased lawyer reviews are nearly impossible in practice.  Let’s work backwards. Reviews The Internet has taught us how problematic reviews are.  In essence, anyone can leave a […]

We’re Improving Every Day

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InjuryLawyerDatabase is slow.  It’s a problem.  We’re going to move hosting companies to improve the site speed.  It’s a by product of success.  We’ve had a lot more attention and traffic than we anticipated this early. We launched with a slate of plaintiffs’ lawyers.  From there, we got exhaustive data on the top twenty defendants […]

Terminology on Injury Lawyer Database

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The statistics on InjuryLawyerDatabase come from two separate publicly available databases.  The first database we obtained was all of the public filings from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.  That data we turned into a book we called The Comp Pinkbook.  We sorted workers’ comp lawyers on both the claimant and employer sides, as well as […]

Our Formal Launch Press Release

By Byron Warnken

Baltimore, Maryland – May 14, 2013  A Baltimore entrepreneur is turning public data into a private benefit for consumers.  Byron Warnken, a lawyer, has turned the Maryland legal cases database into statistics on lawyers and defendants.  It’s now easier to ascertain who gets sued the most and why, as well as which lawyers are the best at […]

The Creig Northrop Potential Class Action Lawsuit

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According to the Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Business Journal, and others, Creig Northrop and Long and Foster are being sued in Federal Court in Maryland for alleged kickbacks Northrop was getting from Lakeview Title and part-owner of Lakeview, Lindell Eagan.  The listed plaintiffs in the case are Patrick and Christine Baehr.  The suit is for […]

Do Dogbite Lawyers Stand to Benefit?

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The Baltimore Sun recently ran an opinion piece about the intersection of plaintiffs’ lawyers and politicians.  The piece, which can be found here, made some interesting observations. First some background: The Court of Appeals of Maryland, in 2012, ruled that pitbulls are inherently dangerous.  In essence, this means a bite by a pitbull will result […]