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We’re Improving Every Day

By Byron Warnken, on May 16, 2013

InjuryLawyerDatabase is slow.  It’s a problem.  We’re going to move hosting companies to improve the site speed.  It’s a by product of success.  We’ve had a lot more attention and traffic than we anticipated this early.

We launched with a slate of plaintiffs’ lawyers.  From there, we got exhaustive data on the top twenty defendants sued by each of those lawyers.  We have a few thousand lawyers and over 10,000 defendants.  We have all of Case Search.  We are parsing out the data as we speak.  Any lawyer page or defendant page currently on the site represents complete data, in accordance with our data policies, for that spelling of the name.

This brings up the issue.  If there are multiple versions of a lawyer name, we might only have one version.  Over the years, the MD Judiciary has become more standardized in the way they report their data, but it still is not perfect.  (This only impacts some lawyers.  The majority of lawyers have exhaustive data.)  When a lawyer has a suffix on their name (such as Jr.) or a different maiden name, there may be two records, of which we only have one.

We can correct this one of two ways.  You may write on your page, free of charge.  It will be listed as “Attorney Commentary” and you may say anything you like.  You may also have us take the page down.  (As soon as we have published our exhaustive data set, lawyers will not be permitted to take pages down, just as an attorney cannot request to have themselves removed from Case Search.)

When we launched someone (a non-lawyer) suggested that we were a lawsuit waiting to happen.  I joked on social media that if someone wants to sue us, we must be doing something right.  We do not want to get sued, nor do we feel we have done anything worthy of being sued.  We’re publishing public data.  I understand the aggregation of public data is a relatively new phenomenon, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

We’re friendly people and we want to help.  If you have any sort of issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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