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Maryland Case Search

By Byron Warnken, on March 13, 2013

The Maryland Judiciary, in 2004, became one of the more progressive state judicial branches in the country via its use of technology.  In October of 2004, Maryland Rules 16-1001 through 16-1011 were enacted.  Records of Maryland cases went online.  The website is officially called “Maryland Judiciary Case Search.”  It is known to residents and lawyers throughout Maryland as just, Case Search.

Case Search forms the backbone of Injury Lawyer Database.  We used a technique known as scraping to download the data from Case Search.  We continue to use this technique to keep Injury Lawyer Database up to date.  New cases are added and cases that have concluded are updated.

Case Search has a ton of useful data.  But the data cannot easily be used to get an idea of the quality and experience of a lawyer.  Now, on Injury Lawyer Database, it can.  We aggregate Case Search data to provide statistics on lawyers.

On our site, you can compare Maryland lawyers by total number of cases, total number of open or closed cases, typical results, and commonly sued defendants.  You can also find out something vitally important – in what area of the law does the lawyer have experience.  Does she typically handle medical malpractice or car accidents?  We got the data from the source – the Maryland Judiciary.  We just “parsed” the data to produce useful information for you.  Now you can make good decisions about which lawyer to hire.

There are certain caveats.  Case Search is not perfect.  It’s only as good as the data in, which isn’t always perfect.  Furthermore, lawyers handle “cases” all the time for which there is no lawsuit filed.  These “cases” do not appear in Case Search.  MDJCS makes the point that information may be limited by “SCOPE (extent of information available), HISTORY (years of available information), TIME (how quickly information is updated), and RELIABILITY (general accuracy of information).” 

Our site is generally updated weekly, but timing can vary sometimes.

More specifics on the history of case information inputs from each court throughout Maryland can be found in the site’s frequently asked questions section.  The specifics of the order can be found here.

Our terms and conditions can be found here and our data policies can be found here.  Please contact is directly if you have any further questions about our data, Case Search data or anything else.

Search lawyers and defendants now on the homepage.


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