Data Policies

Our data policies also incorporate our Frequently Asked Questions, as well this blog post.

Data Policies for The Injury Lawyer Database and The Comp Pinkbook

Though we do our best to publish 100% accurate data, we are not able to guarantee 100% accuracy.  There are numerous reasons for minor discrepancies.  The most common reason is incorrect data from our data providers.  Our data providers are public data sources from various governments.  We incorporate into our data policy and our terms and conditions their policies, terms and conditions.  No data provider whose statistics we use guarantees perfect data accuracy, nor do we.  In addition, our data does not update at the same moment our data sources update data.  There is, therefore, a lag in the statistics.  Finally, a host of other issues may conceivably cause issues.  Our business, however, is putting out the best statistics we can.  Rest assured we are striving everyday to continue putting out excellent statistics.

Data is pulled from our sources exactly as it appears.  By and large, aggregated data is nothing more than that – an aggregation.  No complicated analysis is done on the data.  Sometimes data is “cleaned” to some degree in order to separate clearly unrelated data or put together clearly related data.  For example, defendants might be sued under many different names, with the only difference being syntax.  The data is often put together, though not always.  While it happens far less often with attorneys, it can happen.  For example, John D. Smith, Esq. and John Smith, Esq. may or may not be listed together.  Performing thorough searches on the site can assist in gaining proper data.

The Comp Pinkbook is designed to aggregate workers’ compensation claims from the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.  All data was downloaded from the Commission’s website, without being logged in.  All data contained herein, and all data we analyzed, was public data.

Starting with claims filed on or after January 1, 2002, we obtained every claim it is possible to obtain from the Commission’s website.  According to the WCC this represents nearly every claim, if not every claim.  In total, we analyzed more than a quarter of a million claims.

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