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Pinkbook – Highest Average Permanent Partial Award

By Byron Warnken, on January 19, 2013

Earlier this week, this blog gave a list of the workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland with the best average final settlements in comp cases.  The list saw the top of the list with an average final settlement of over $70,000.

Generally, final settlements are higher than permanent partial awards.  Final settlements mean the case is closed – the injured worker cannot reopen the case if the condition worsens.  On the other hand, cases with a permanent partial (PP) disability award can be reopened for worsening.  Clients must decide if it’s better to get more compensation now and foreclose on future compensation, or take less now and leave open the possibility.

PPD awards are more common than final settlements.

The list below comes from the first edition of the Comp Pinkbook.  It represents the lawyers with the highest average settlements for clients in workers’ comp PPD awards.  The criteria was at least 50 total awards as measured by the Pinkbook and at least 10 total PPD awards.

  1. Kenneth Gaudreau ($49,632)
  2. Tucker Clagett ($43,094)
  3. Salvatore Anello ($40,993)
  4. Jeff Horowitz ($38,303)
  5. Harold DuBois ($38,070)
  6. Richard Kettell ($36,211)
  7. Andrew Kahn ($35,927)
  8. Bill Proctor ($35,634)
  9. William Bacon ($35,350)
  10. Cliff Silbiger ($34,864)


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