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Pinkbook – Highest Average Final Settlement

By Byron Warnken, on January 15, 2013

After publishing The Comp Pinkbook, we got the same feedback from quite a few people.  “It’s great to publish total number of awards, but what about highest average award.  McDonalds might sell the most hamburgers, but does that mean they’re the best?”

And we listen to our customers.  Below is a list of the attorneys with the highest average final settlements for workers’ comp clients, according to the first edition of The Comp Pinkbook.  Our criteria was at least 50 PP and CO awards combined, and at least ten total CO (compromise order) awards.  CO essentially represents final settlements.

  1. Michael Steinhardt ($70,761)
  2. Cliff Sobin ($57,840)
  3. Carl Saiontz ($56,404)
  4. Ronald Katz ($53,186)
  5. Harold DuBois ($51,893)
  6. Terry Myers ($50,299)
  7. Marc Hoffman ($46,747)
  8. Richard Kettell ($44,842)
  9. Bill Proctor ($44,111)
  10. Bob Zarbin ($43,287)
  11. Jack Schmerling ($42,974)

This list begs the question: Why?  Are these attorneys better than their peers?  Are they smarter?  Do they work harder for their clients?  Are these the best workers’ comp lawyers in Maryland?

Judging only by the names, I think these are excellent workers’ comp lawyers.  The best?  Perhaps.  There are other factors at play, however.  First, they may simply select only the best cases and refuse the rest or pass the rest to younger associates.  Second, these are only final settlements, which are less common than permanent partial awards.  These attorneys may or may not have excellent PP award averages.  That list comes later in the week.

Ultimately, this list is an excellent place to start in searching for a Maryland workers’ comp lawyers.

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