Major Injury Law Categories

What are the different kinds of personal injury?

The major kinds of injury cases generally fall into a few broad categories.  These categories are as follows:

The categories overlap to large degree.  For instance, an accident at work would fall into both the workers’ comp and accident categories.  Abuse and malpractice could overlap, as could personal injury and product liability.


An injury under the law falls broadly into the category of a tort.   The word tort is from Latin and related to the words torture and injury.  Torts are often described as Duty-Breach-Causation-Damages.  First, did the defendant have a duty to the plaintiff?  Second, did the defendant breach that duty?  Third, was the breach the cause of the damages?  Finally, were there damages resulting from the breach?


This same analysis is similar in all categories, from accidents and other personal injury to malpractice to product liability and any other injuries or torts.


Broadly, personal injury defines all categories.  In this case, personal injury is only used for injuries not falling into another category.  For instance, dog bite cases, slips and falls, and getting hit by a car.


For more specifics, read the pages linked below.
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