The average person, when thinking about the term malpractice, thinks about medical malpractice. However, numerous types of malpractice exist, including legal malpractice, dentist malpractice, financial advisor malpractice, or accounting malpractice. Virtually any professional position providing services can be responsible for malpractice.

Professional owe a duty to their client or patient.  Often, part of this duty is related to standard of care.  There is a reasonable amount of knowledge known, care taken, best practice practiced, and effort given.  Standards of care vary, and a malpractice lawyer is the one to get more specific about the subject.  Without giving a dissertation on standard of care, trust that when you pay or otherwise entrust a professional, that professional owes you something.  When that something is not delivered, it may be malpractice.

Medical malpractice is the most common kind of malpractice, at least by reputation.  Many lawyers concentrate in medical malpractice law.  So many, in fact, that there are numerous subspecialties within med mal.  These include, among others:

In many circumstances, it isn’t malpractice.  Just because something happened doesn’t mean you can sue a doctor or a hospital.  But if something did happen, it should always be investigated with the assistance of an excellent medical malpractice lawyer.

Often, the most difficult part is knowing if something did happen.  You might know there is an injury, but might not know if there is malpractice.  Med Mal lawyers often open what are known as “investigation files” to see if there is a case.

Other kinds of malpractice are similar but not the same.  Often, in order to proceed with malpractice, various procedures need to be followed, unique to that kind of malpractice and unique to the jurisdiction.  For example, many types of malpractice claims need to be mediated before proceeding with a lawsuit.  It all depends.  Speak to the lawyer.

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