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Involved in a Brain Injury Case?

Brain injuries can result in many different circumstances. For example, brain injuries often occur during motor vehicle accidents, sports or falls.  Brain injuries are also common among newborns delivered using forceps or vacuums, as well as those who aren’t properly monitored during labor and delivery.  If you or a loved one sustained a brain injury, you may benefit from the counsel of a qualified attorney.

A lawyer with experience in brain injury cases may be able to help you in the following situations:

What Does a Brain Injury Lawyer Do?

If you or a loved one sustained a brain injury and you believe that someone else was at fault, you may be entitled to compensation from the individual who caused the injury.  In such cases, you may choose to hire a brain injury lawyer.  After you choose an attorney to represent you, he or she will begin by reviewing medical files, accident reports and any other associated documentation to determine whether someone else was responsible for the brain injury in question.  He or she may also refer the patient to an unbiased doctor for further examination.

If your attorney determines that another party caused the brain injury, he or she will proceed by filing a lawsuit against the party responsible.  During the lawsuit, your attorney will help you prepare for court, negotiate with the opposing legal team, represent you during proceedings and do everything in his or her power to help you win the case.  If the lawsuit is successful, you will be awarded damages.

Find a Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one sustained a brain injury at the hand of someone else, find an experienced lawyer to represent you as soon as possible. Before you choose a lawyer, examine statistics. You can review relevant statistics about lawyers in your area by visiting the Injury Lawyer Database.  For additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office at your earliest convenience.