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By Stephanie Yanovich, on August 12, 2022

June 2022 Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Filed


There were 22 medical malpractice suits filed in the month of June that we covered. Some hospitals are listed as co-defendants in suits against individual practitioners, and vice versa. These are for cases listed as medical malpractice or med mal in the Maryland Case Search database, excluding PG County and Montgomery County which do not break out their statistics.

The following 7 lawsuits were filed against hospitals:

Greater Baltimore Medical Center

  • Megan McLenithan vs. Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Inc., et al.
  • Lawyer: Carlos Gabriel Stecco, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Stecco Law, P.C.
  • Co-defendants: William Zirkin, M.D. / David A. Peyser, PA-C / GBMC Healthcare, Inc. / Oluwatosin O. Thompson, M.D. / Charles Emergency Physicians, P.A.


Holy Cross Hospital

  • Assane Seck, et al. vs. Andrea Tait, et al.
  • Lawyer: Justin Paul Zuber, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Miller & Zois, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Holy Cross Hospital Germantown / Holy Cross Health, Inc.


Johns Hopkins Hospital

  • Meghan Halub Vs The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, Et Al
  • Lawyer: Gregory P. Care, Esq. / Lauren J. Kelleher, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP
  • Co-defendants: The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation / The Johns Hopkins University / Irene Psoras


Sinai Hospital

  • Sharon Legore vs Lifebridge Health, Inc., et al
  • Lawyer: David Ellin, Esq. / Jennifer Kafes, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Law Office Of David Ellin, P.C.
  • Co-defendants: Lifebridge Health, Inc.


  • Tenia Stuckey vs Reginald Degrafenreid CRNP, et al
  • Lawyer: Justin P. Zuber, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Miller & Zois, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Sinai Hospital Of Baltimore / Lifebridge Health Inc.


University of Maryland Medical Center

  • Myriam Sutphen, et al vs University Of Maryland Medical System Corporation
  • Lawyer: Kerry D. Staton, Esq. / Jonathan Schochor, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Schochor and Staton, P.A.


  • Joseph Valverde, et al vs Maria Molina Reyes
  • Lawyer: Charles G. Stecco, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Stecco Law, P.C.
  • Co-defendants: University Of Maryland Medical Center, LLC / University Of Maryland Medical Systems, Corp / Ashkan Emadi, M.D. / Samuel H. Black, M.D. / University Of Maryland Oncology Associates, P.A. / University Of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.


The remaining 15 lawsuits were filed against individual practitioners, separate entities, or nursing homes:

  • Lawyer: Thomas C. Costello, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Costello Law Group


  • Rose Anderson vs Alice Operator LLC D/b/a Autumn Lake Healthcare At Alice Manor, et al
  • Lawyer: Reza Davani, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Ketterer, Browne & Associates, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Alice Building II, LLC / Dan Levinger / Sam Stern


  • William Dennis White vs Jay Seidel, DPM, PA LLC, et al
  • Lawyer: Mark E. Herman, Esq.
  • Law Firm: William G. Kolodner, P. A.
  • Co-defendants: Lien Van, M.D.


  • Patrice Cochran vs Manor Care-Ruxton MD, LLC
  • Lawyer: David C.M. Ledyard, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Ledyard Law, LLC


  • Angela Beasley vs. Kure Smart Pain Management LLC, et al.
  • Lawyer: Michelle Barnes, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Michelle Barnes, Attorney at Law, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Haroon Hameed, M.D. / Advanced Pain Management Specialist LLC


  • Charmaine Langford, et al. vs. SSC Silver Spring Operating Company LLC
  • Lawyer: Brian Stuart Brown, Esq. / Elisha Nicole Hawk, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Brown & Barron, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Lien Van, M.D.


  • Christopher Clark, et al. vs. Shady Grove SNF, LLC
  • Lawyer: Elisha Nicole Hawk, Esq. / Brian Stuart Brown, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Brown & Barron, LLC


  • Sandra Downes vs. Fawad Khan, M.D., et al.
  • Lawyer: Michael S. Warshaw, Esq. / Robin R. Cockey, Esq.
  • Law Firm: ROYSTON MUELLER McLEAN & REID LLP / Cockey, Brennan & Maloney, PC
  • Co-defendants: TidalHealth Peninsula Regional, Inc.


  • Rhonda Mack, et al. vs. Stella Maris, Inc., et al.
  • Lawyer: Reza A. Davani, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Ketterer, Browne & Associates
  • Co-defendants: The Cardinal Shehan Center, Inc.


  • Valerie Daniels vs. Wexford Health Sources, Inc., et al.
  • Lawyer: Anton Louis Iamele, Esq. / Michael Edward Glass, Esq.
  • Law Firm: The Michael Glass Law Firm
  • Co-defendants: Charles Chong-Hwa Hong, M.D.


  • Abraham Joseph vs. WILLIAM DZYAK
  • Lawyer: Fred B. Goldberg, Esq.


  • Sophia Giraldo, et al. vs. CalvertHealth Medical Group, LLC d/b/a CalvertHealth OBGYN, et al.
  • Lawyer: Michael V. McCubbin, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Aplert Schreyer
  • Co-defendants: Ashly Gray


  • Teresa Robeson, et al. vs. Winifred Leasing Co. Trading as Cumberland Healthcare Center, et al.
  • Lawyer: Robert C. Morgan, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Law Office of Robert C. Morgan
  • Co-defendants: Health Care Facility Management, LLC / Sunil Kumar Gupta, M.D. / OH CHS SNP, Inc.


  • Roger Hughes, et al. vs. Krishna Jayaraman, M.D., et al.
  • Lawyer: Kevin P. Sullivan, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Salsbury Sullivan, LLC
  • Co-defendants: Jayaraman Medical Associates, LLC


  • Dana Bell, et al. vs. Edward C. Clark, M.D. P.A., et al.
  • Lawyer: John James Sellinger, Esq.
  • Law Firm: Greenberg & Bederman LLC
  • Co-defendants: Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group



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