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February Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Around Baltimore

By Byron Warnken, on March 18, 2018

Below are some of the medical malpractice lawsuits filed in and around Baltimore.  The first six are medical malpractice lawsuits against Baltimore Hospitals, the other ten are not specifically against hospitals as the prime defendants, but are against doctors and other health care entities.

  • Northwest Hospital
    • Frieman, et al vs. Sheth, et al
      • Lawyer: Paul D. Bekman, Esq., Michael Smith, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Bekman, Marder & Adkins LLC
      • Co-defendant: Albert Bowling, P.A., Christopher F. Kiger, Northwest Hospital Center, Inc.
  • University of Maryland Medical System
    • Alexandria Helmick, et al vs. Julio C. Novoa, M.D., et al
      • Lawyer: Johnathan Schochor, Esq., Kerry D. Staton, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Schochor, Federico & Staton, P.A.
      • Co-defendant: University of Maryland Medical System
  • Marcia Browne, et al vs. University of Maryland Orthopedic Trauma Associates, P.A., et al
    • Lawyer: Paul D. Bekman, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Bekman, Marder & Adkins, LLC
    • Co-defendant: University of Maryland Medical System, University of Maryland Orthopedic Associates, Shock Trauma Associates, P.A.
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
    • Kylie Fox, et al vs. The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, et al
      • Lawyer: Keith D. Forman, Esq., Eliot W. Larson, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Wais, Vogelstein, Forman & Offutt, LLC
      • Co-defendant: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Inc.
  • Gina Petrick vs. Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Inc., et al
    • Lawyer: Rodney M. Gaston, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Miller & Zois, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Karen Renee Natoli, M.D.
  • Baltimore Washington Medical Center
    • Estate of David Evans, et al vs. Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Inc., et al
      • Lawyer: Walter E. Gillcrist, Jr., Esq.
      • Law Firm: Budow & Noble, P.C.
      • Co-defendant: Maryland Primary Care Physicians, University of Maryland Medical Center, LLC

The remaining 10 lawsuits were filed against individual practitioners or separate entities:

  • Charles Edward Pearsall vs. Visiting Angels, et al
    • Lawyer: Thomas McNicholas, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Verderaime & Dubois. PA
    • Co-defendant: Primacare Partners, LLC, Visiting Angels of Baltimore East, Visiting Angels Living Assistance Services
  • Charlit Madison vs. Brinton Woods of Frankford, LLC, et al
    • Lawyer: Gregory Lockwood, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Offices of Gregory L. Lockwood, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Brinton Woods Post Acute Care Center, Brinton Woods Health Care Center, LLC Brinton Woods Management Company, LLC, Brinton Woods Senior Living, LLC
  • Snyder, et al vs. Robert Turner, M.D., PA, et al
    • Lawyer: Henry E. Dugan, Esq., Alison Kohler, Esq.,
    • Law Firm: Dugan, Babij, Tolley & Kohler, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Josephs, Turner & O’Malley, M.D. P.A.
  • Frank vs. 1909 Liberty Road Operations, LLC
    • Lawyer: Roger J. Bennett, Esq., Frederic C. Heyman, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Bennet & Heyman, P.A.
  • Beck vs. Gochar
    • Lawyer: Fred B. Goldberg, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Fred B. Goldberg, P.C.
  • Tarr vs. O’Brien
    • Lawyer: Fred B. Goldberg, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Fred B. Goldberg, P.C.
  • Sims vs. Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, PA, et al
    • Lawyer: David Ellin, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Office of David Ellin, P.C.
    • Co-defendant: Christopher Lee Forthman
  • Susan Johnson vs. Reeders Memorial Home, et al.
    • Lawyer: Thomas C. Summers, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP
    • Co-defendant: Ghazala Qadir, M.D.,
  • Kista Powell vs. Tom Hartsuch, M.D.
    • Lawyer: Arnold Fred Phillips, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Phillips, Worthington & Allen, P.A.
  • William Cannon, III, et al vs. Peninsula Urology Associates, P.A., et al
    • Lawyer: Demosthenes Komis, Esq., Edward L. Norwind, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Karp, Wigodsky, Norwind, Kudel & Gold, P.A.
    • Co-defendant: Mark S. Shimko, M.D., Robert Murphy

The following firms filed 2 more or medical malpractice lawsuits in the month of February:

  • Bekman, Marder & Adkins, LLC
  • Fred B. Goldberg, P.C.

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