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July 2017 Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Maryland

By Byron Warnken, on August 28, 2017

There were 17 medical malpractice suits filed in the month of July.  Some hospitals are listed as co-defendants in suits against individual practitioners or entities, and vice versa.  These are for cases listed as medical malpractice or med mal, excluding PG County and Montgomery County which do not break out their statistics or list cases as medical malpractice, med mal (as AA County does) or even “other tort.”

7 were filed against hospitals or listed hospitals as co-defendants:  

  • Sinai Hospital
    • Nicole Coleman vs. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Inc.
      • Lawyer: David Ellin, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Law Office of David Ellin, P.C.
  • Lawrence Jones Jr. vs. Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Inc.
    • Lawyer: Joseph Edward Dever, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Dever & Feldstein, LLC
  • University of Maryland Medical Center
    • Brieyonna Kennedy vs. University of Maryland Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates, P.A.
      • Lawyer: Wayne M. Willoughby, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Gershon, Willoughby, Getz, & Smith, LLLC
  • Mercy Medical Center
    • Sherry Blum vs. Clayton Dean, M.D., et al
      • Lawyer: Andrew G. Slutkin, Esq., Jamison G. White, Esq., Ethan S. Nochumowitz, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White, LLC.
      • Co-defendant: Robin Thomas, P.A.-C, Victoria Topper, P.A., Lisa Ford, P.A., Mercy Medical Center
  • Harford Memorial Hospital
    • Harvey Vernon Keen Jr. vs. Alexander Ranjit Aurora, et al
      • Lawyer: Jonathan Schochor, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Schochor, Federico, & Staton, P.A.
      • Co-defendant: Upper Chesapeake Surgical Associates, LLC, Harford Memorial Hospital, Inc.
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital
    • Selsor v. Anderson, et al
      • Lawyer: Francis C. Lanasa, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Murtha, Psoras & Lanasa, LLC
      • University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center, Inc.
  • Baltimore Washington Medical Center
    • Ashlea Gale vs. Annapolis OBGYN Associates PA, et al
      • Lawyer: Steven B. Vinick, Esq.
      • Law Firm: Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, P.A.
      • Co-defendant: University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center

10 lawsuits were filed against individual practitioners or separate entities:

  • Green, et al vs. Lorien Howard Inc., et al
    • Lawyer: Sloane L. Fish, Esq., James A. H. Corley, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Offices of Sloane L. Fish, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Lorien at Turf Valley, LLC
  • Lotz, et al vs. 7232 German Hill Road Operations, LLC, et al
    • Lawyer: Gregory Lockwood, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Offices of Gregory L. Lockwood, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Genesis Healthcare, LLC
  • Cain vs. Khandelwal, et al
    • Lawyer: Wendy L. Shiff, Esq., Paul D. Bekman, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Bekman, Marder & Adkins, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Gastro Associates
  • Tassallo, et al vs. Careney Health Systems and Services Inc., et al
    • Lawyer: Gregory Lockwood, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Offices of Gregory L. Lockwood, LLC.
    • Co-defendant: Airy Life Center General Inc., Mt. Air Life Center Limited Partnership
  • Marylyn Ingram vs. Chelsea Manor, Inc.
    • Lawyer: David Ellin, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Office of David Ellin, P.C.
  • Lisa Schoenberger, et al vs. Longview Nursing Home, Inc.
    • Lawyer: David Ellin, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Office of David Ellin, P.C.
  • Christopher G. Thompson vs. Bradley Bagan, et al
    • Lawyer: Gary E. Dumer, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Dumer & Barnes, P.A.
    • Co-defendant: Brain & Spine Specialists, P.A.
  • Donna Smith, et al vs. Mid-Atlantic Pain Center, P.A., et al
    • Lawyer: Myles Jacob Poster, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Wais, Vogelstein, Forman & Offutt, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Mid-Atlantic Pain Institute, P.A.
  • Nikki Estraca vs. Nnaemeka Agajelu, M.D., et al.
    • Lawyer: Aaron Louis Moore, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Bekman, Marder, & Adkins, LLC
    • Co-defendant: Nnaemeka Agajelu, M.D., LLC, Eden Sanchez
  • Jenette Newcomb vs. Barry Pickus, et al.
    • Lawyer: Christopher L. Beard, Esq.
    • Law Firm: Law Office of Christopher Beard.

The following firms filed 2 or more suits during the month of July: 

  • Law Office of Gregory L. Lockwood, LLC
  • Bekman, Marder & Adkins
  • Law Office of David Ellin, P.C.

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