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9502 Maryland Lawsuits in October (and other stats)

By Byron Warnken, on November 24, 2014

There were 9502 civil actions filed in October in Maryland circuit courts.

  • Of these, 1354 suits were civil actions in Prince George’s County – either family law or otherwise.
  • Montgomery County accounted for 1307 general civil or domestic actions.

Therefore 28% of all the civil actions in Maryland Circuit Courts came from Montgomery or PG County.

Unfortunately for everyone who likes data, PG and Montgomery County circuit courts only break down case type by civil, criminal, and family. However, with the 72% of cases coming from other counties (6841 cases total), more information can be gleaned.

In the rest of the state, there were:

  • 325 workers’ compensation appeals
  • 309 car accident lawsuits
  • 169 other tort lawsuits
  • 105 lead paint lawsuits
  • 41 medical malpractice lawsuits
  • 35 asbestos lawsuits

Therefore, what are commonly thought of as personal injury lawsuits only made up 14.38% of Maryland circuit court civil actions in October.

If personal injury suits were only 1 in 7 lawsuits, what did make up the bulk of Maryland’s civil actions? (again, below does not include MoCo or PG)

There were:

  • 474 child support cases (not including interstate)
  • 204 contract actions
  • 505 people filing for divorce

The single largest actions occupying our circuit courts are foreclosures. Not including PG and Montgomery – two of our largest counties – there were 1895 foreclosure actions.

The rest are made up of collection actions too big for district court, paternity, custody, district court appeals, guardianships, and a host of other issues.

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