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Lawsuits Against the Baltimore Ravens

By Byron Warnken, on October 8, 2013

The Baltimore Ravens, as with most large organizations, are involved in their share of lawsuits.  A general search of “Baltimore Ravens” on Maryland Case Search reveals 173 total entries.  Of these, 130 are in circuit court.  (In Maryland, circuit court involves disputes of higher dollar value than district court.)  When searching only for the Baltimore Ravens as defendants in lawsuits in circuit courts in Maryland, 64 lawsuits are displayed.

64 Lawsuits

Of the 64, not all are personal injury cases.  One might envision the Ravens getting sued when someone gets injured at the stadium, but that’s not the only circumstance.   In fact, the most common case in which the Ravens are defendants involves workers’ compensation.  Apparently, it’s dangerous to work for the Ravens.  Football, dangerous?  Who knew?

Workers’ Compensation

Some names you know have had workers’ compensation cases against the Baltimore Ravens.  These include:

  • Kicker Steven Hauschka
  • Quaterback Chris Redman
  • Punter Dave Zastudil
  • Running Back Musa Smith

Not exactly pro bowlers, but notable nonetheless.  Besides these names, there were nearly 40 other comp cases that went up to circuit court.  This doesn’t include the numerous others that one can only imagine were resolved at the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission level.  (Most Maryland comp cases are resolved at the WCC and never make it to circuit court.)

Other Suits

Besides comp, there are four contracts cases.  Each appears to relate to mundane business issues.  There is one general equity case which is likely not particularly interesting.  The remaining cases are where things get interesting.

The Ravens have been sued for wrongful termination.  They have been sued for cases involving injury.  They have been sued for cases listed “other tort,” essentially Baltimore City speak for injury.

Lawsuit Specifics

The “Baltimore Ravens” are called multiple names.  These include Baltimore Ravens, Inc., Baltimore Ravens Football Club, Inc., Baltimore Ravens LLP, and Baltimore Ravens Limited Partnership.   We have a statistics page on the final term, which can be found here.  It shows 23 distinct lawsuits, including 7 open cases.  The most common lawyers listed are Ben Boscolo and his partner Barry Chasen.  Boscolo handled the majority of the comp cases for those injured Ravens.  The listed co-defendants appear to be comp insurers or general liability insurers.  Other co-defendants in differently captioned cases include the Maryland Stadium Authority, the State of Maryland, Aramark Corporation,  SAFE Management, and others.

If you have been injured by the negligence of the Baltimore Ravens or a related organization, use to help you find the best injury lawyer for you case.  Please note: you can’t get any financial compensation just because you’re upset the Ravens traded Anquan Boldin.

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