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Towson Injury Lawyers

By Byron Warnken, on July 10, 2013

The county seat for Baltimore County is Towson.  There are more lawyers in Towson than any other particular area of Baltimore County.  Many big defense firms have a presence in Towson, as do criminal lawyers, real estate lawyers, and numerous others.  This, of course, includes numerous injury lawyers. alone lists 87 Towson injury lawyers.  The list ranges from well more than 500 cases of experience, down to only one case.

Who Has the Most?

Leading injury lawyers in Towson include Ken Niman with nearly 600 circuit court cases worth of experience, Lee Saltzberg with only 1 less, followed by Herb Arnold with well more than 400.  Not surprisingly, longevity is a big part of their experience.  Saltzberg has been in practice for 30 years, Niman for more than 40 years and Arnold for nearly 60 years.  Arnold obtained his license to practice law in 1955.  Gerald Gay, Arnold’s partner, is fifth on the list.

It takes 274 cases to be listed in the top five, 254 to be in the top 10, 102 to be in the top 25 and 45 to be in the top 50 injury lawyers with offices in Towson.  Please bear in mind, as always with ILD, this is only circuit court cases for the lawyer was listed as plaintiff counsel.  District court cases are not included.  In addition, it represents all circuit courts in Maryland, not just Baltimore County.

Some firms listed near the top include Arnold, Sevel & Gay, Berman Sobin Gross Feldman & Darby, Levin & Gann, Seigel Tulley & Furrer, and the Law Offices of Steve Markey, to name a few.

Specific Practice Areas

Of the 87 lawyers listed for Towson injury law, numerous top practice areas are represented.  Injury law is a broader specialty, with attorneys usually focusing on sub-specialties such as medical malpractice, car accidents, workers’ compensation or divorce.  (To note when looking for lawyers that specialize in injury law: lawyers generally don’t say they specialize in anything because it is against Maryland’s Rules of Professional Conduct.)

Our site breaks down Towson injury lawyers by sub-concentration.  The list is injury lawyers in Towson who have experience in the practice area.  Experience can be limited to one case, even though the lawyer has 100’s of cases listed.  The listed cases are Maryland circuit court cases for which the lawyer is plaintiff’s counsel.  Make sure to examine the lawyer’s profile to determine if there is experience in the specific kind of case for which you need representation.

When searching for an attorney with experience in your kind of case, it’s important to note a few things.  First, just because they have handled cases like yours in the past doesn’t mean they still do on a regular basis.  Second, the MD Case Search system classes car accidents as motor torts.  This is true in many jurisdictions, including Baltimore County.  Even though it’s not the everyday vernacular, it is a more appropriate legal definition.  Finally, when looking for medical malpractice lawyers, it’s important to note that many lawyers don’t actually handle the case him or herself, instead referring the case to another lawyer for a fee.  Make sure to ask the question when calling the attorney’s office.

Finally, click here for the list of Towson injury lawyers.  If we may be of assistance in your search, please contact us.




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