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Active Lawyers in Maryland Contracts Cases

By Byron Warnken, on April 29, 2013

Our statistics start out from a list on lawyers of our choosing.  At this point, we do not list every lawyer found in Maryland case search.  Eventually, and perhaps by the time you have read this, the entirety of case search will be published.  Therefore, when looking at top lawyer lists, keep in mind there may be attorneys with more cases of a particular case type.  (However, in injury related case types, that’s likely not the case because of the nature of the list of lawyers we chose.)

When thinking about contracts lawyers, it’s important to keep the above caveat in mind.  After all, this website is not “contract lawyers database.”  However, there is certainly useful information to be gleaned from a list of contract lawyers in Maryland.  (Any lawyer listed does have complete statistics subject to the caveats on our FAQ’s page.)  We wanted to display of list of lawyers with experience in contracts cases, such that you might know which lawyers to call for further information on your case.

Contracts cases take on numerous forms.  A contract is simply an agreement between two parties.  Contracts must have an offer, acceptance, and consideration.  Some contracts need to be in writing, though most do not.  Contracts can be everything from your house purchase to your cell phone contract to an oral agreement to pay your neighbor back the $500 he lends you.

Examples of contracts producing litigation include construction contracts, home improvement contracts, business contracts, contracts for services, and many others.  Information technology contracts often produce a need for lawyers.  Contracts for software development, website development, web marketing, etc. can invoke litigation.  The reason often relates to a lack of specific terms in the contract.  “I will give X and Y.  In return, you will give me Z.”  The more specific, the better.

Real estate litigation and title litigation often falls into the term “contract”, as does litigation relating to insurance.  Even estate cases can be deemed “contract.”

When reviewing the list, keep in mind it’s best only as a starting place for Maryland contract lawyers.  Ideally, you will speak to lawyers to determine they have experience in contract cases involving your specific type of contract.

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