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Case Types

By Byron Warnken, on February 26, 2013

In our attorney listings, one of the more useful tools is the case types pie chart.  The case type represents numerous kinds of litigation.  For example, criminal, divorce, and professional malpractice are three different kinds of case types.

The information is vital.  Attorneys hold themselves out to be many things.  Criminal attorneys often tell you they handle injury cases as well.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they just want to refer you to another attorney and pocket a referral fee.  It happens all the time with many different kinds of lawyers.  Because specialties in the law are not formalized as they are in medicine, an attorney can tell you he or she is anything.  No one regulates.  That’s why it’s vital to see what kinds of cases an attorney actually handles.

If you need a medical malpractice lawyer, don’t you want one with experience in, perhaps, medical malpractice?

The most important overarching thing to remember when working with our site, Injury Lawyer Database, is all lawyers listed have some level of experience with circuit court injury cases.  In Maryland, Circuit Court is for larger dollar cases than District Court, which is why we feature these attorneys.

MD Case search lists hundreds of different case types.  In total, it lists nearly 150 case types for civil, circuit court cases, which is what Injury Lawyer Database tracks and reports.  We merge some case types together for purposes of reporting via the pie chart.

The most common case type is generally civil, which isn’t completely helpful.  It’s how multiple counties report stats, however.  Motor torts is the next most common case type.  Motor torts, of course, represents car accident cases.

The top case types:

  • Civil
  • Motor torts
  • Divorce
  • Other Torts
  • Contracts

Civil cases and other torts cases are generally either car accidents, professional malpractice, or contract disputes.  Other less common case types include guardianship, workers’ compensation appeals, mechanics liens, lead paint, and many more.  For more information or further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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