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The Top Ten Workers’ Comp Lawyers

By Byron Warnken, on December 17, 2012

This list is the top ten workers’ comp lawyers in Maryland, according to the first edition of the Comp Pinkbook, measuring a period from the beginning of 2011 through June 2012.  “Top” is measured by most number of awards.  The lawyers being measured represent claimants.  Defense lawyers are part of a different list.

Are these lawyers the “Best” workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland?  Who knows?  It’s hard to define best.  What we do know is they have the most claims.  There is likely a correlation between volume and quality.  The better a lawyer, the more his or her clients will tell others of his or her quality, creating a virtuous cycle.  However, sometimes a workers’ compensation practice is good at attracting cases and clients, and may not be as good at representing them.  In the Comp Pinkbook, you can get more statistics on workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland.

The top ten:

Statistics alone do not dictate the quality of a workers’ compensation lawyer, but they can help be a starting place.  How to find the best comp lawyer or any other attorney for that matter, requires careful consideration.

One thought on “The Top Ten Workers’ Comp Lawyers

  1. Do not waste your time. you are just a number to him, he will paint a pretty picture for you but underneath the canvas is dirty as hell. his staff does not answer phone calls nor will he , but he will text you roger that ! I did more leg work with workmans comp then the so called case manager that was assigned one month after I first saw him. My injuries included a torn rotor cuff and a ruptured distal biceps ,both require surgery which hasn’t been done, he sent me to his doctor which openly told me he wad a knee surgeon and referred me to another doctor more suited to my injury he has way to many clients who see dollar signs because of his quick talk. he will offer you a cigar, a drink and oriole tickets and that’s really all he can offer because with my experience with him that’s all he brings to the table . He also only wants to stay in p.g county basically you are nothing but his paycheck while I am the paycheck for my wife and children who depend on me to work .his lack of service has almost put me in financial ruin until I opened my eyes and realized how long he wanted me yo wait for treatment ,so in closing DO NOT choose john hall as your attorney

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