Dog Bites


Have a Dog Bite Case?

If you or someone you know was attacked and/or bitten by a dog that you do not own, you may be entitled to damages.  Owners are responsible for controlling their dogs and teaching them to behave appropriately.  When a dog attacks someone, the dog’s owner can often be held legally responsible for the injuries the victim sustains, especially if the injuries were serious or caused lasting damage.

When you are involved in a dog bite case, you may benefit from consulting a qualified dog bite lawyer.  This can include, but is not limited to, cases in which a dog broke its chain, improper dog training, dogs with aggressive behavior, and dogs trained to fight.  Right or wrong, certain dogs are more likely to have liability for their owners.  An experienced dog bite lawyer can tell you more.

Your Lawyer; Your Case

Lawyers with experience in dog bite cases can tell you whether you have a valid claim against the dog’s owner.  After you hire a dog bite lawyer, he or she will begin by reviewing your medical records and investigating the nature of the incident. If you have not yet seen a doctor, the lawyer may be able to help you find one.

If your lawyer determines that the owner of the dog is responsible for injuries the dog caused during the attack, he or she can file a lawsuit on your behalf.  During the lawsuit, your lawyer will negotiate your case against the insurance company, then take the case to court if necessary.  If the lawsuit is successful, you may receive compensation for medical treatment related to the injury.  In some cases, you may also receive punitive damages.

Finding the Best Dog Bite Lawyer

We are not dog bite lawyers.  We publish statistics on injury lawyers, including lawyers who handle animal attack/animal bite cases.  If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog and you believe that the owner should be held responsible, you need to find a lawyer as soon as possible.  To find the best lawyer for your case, be sure to compare attorneys in your area based on their records of accomplishment and experience.  This information is easily accessible on our website. If you need any additional assistance in finding a lawyer to represent you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.