Down Syndrome

What Is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a condition that results when a child receives an extra copy of a chromosome.  Because of the additional genetic material, the child does not develop correctly.  There are three primary types of Down syndrome: mosaicism, translocation and trisomy 21.  According to the CDC, the condition affects about one out of 691 babies in the United States.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Down Syndrome?

Children with Down syndrome exhibit certain physical traits not present in other children, including a deep crease across the palm’s center, an upward slant of the eyes, small stature and diminished muscle tone. These features vary among individuals.

Kids with Down syndrome are at a higher risk for thyroid conditions, childhood leukemia, Alzheimer’s disease, hearing problems, respiratory conditions or congenital heart defects.  Many of these conditions are now treatable.  However, the lifespan of a child with Down syndrome is considerably less than that of the general population.  Most children affected by Down syndrome live until approximately age 60.

According to, Down syndrome is always caused by a genetic error. Most cases are sporadic, and the risk increases with maternal age. However, about one-third of cases passed down by parents carrying a translocated chromosome. Down syndrome can be identified prenatal testing, such as chorionic villus sampling.

Can a Down Syndrome Lawyer Help?

Because Down syndrome is caused by a genetic error, it does not occur during labor or delivery.  However, in some cases, doctors responsible for screening a pregnancy don’t obtain the correct results.  Similarly, doctors who conduct genetic testing on parents and provide incorrect advice may also be at fault when a child is born with Down Syndrome.

It is an incredibly difficult emotional situation, because the lawsuit is often for what’s known as “wrongful life.”  This means the pregnancy would have been, could have been, or should have been terminated and the life never should have come into being.  This is difficult for a parent of a child with Down Syndrome to hear.  The child is alive, as well as can be, and experiences all of life, just inside a lens called Down Syndrome.

The majority of the time, a Down Syndrome lawyer can’t do anything at all.  The disease occurs naturally.  Specific evidence must exist for there to be medical malpractice.

If you hire an attorney to assist you in a medical malpractice action in a Down Syndrome case the attorney will review your child’s medical records to determine if an inaccurate diagnosis was made during prenatal screening or genetic counseling.  If the lawyer determines damages can be obtained, he or she will file a lawsuit on your behalf.  If you win the case, you may receive compensation for your child’s medical care, as well as, potentially, other damages.

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