Death During Childbirth

Death during Childbirth

Death during childbirth occurs when a mother or child dies during the birthing process.  In some cases, “death during childbirth” may also refer to a mother or baby who died shortly after giving birth or shortly before labor should begin.

In most cases, the symptoms of serious childbirth complications present long before the mother dies.  According to the World Health Organization, most women who die during childbirth pass away as a result of an infection or severe bleeding.  In some cases, mothers may also die near the end of the pregnancy because of other complications, such as preeclampsia (extremely high blood pressure developed during a pregnancy).  In the first world, a mother dying during the birthing process is extremely rare, and usually could have been prevented.  When a baby dies during childbirth, the result was usually related to either fetal heart issues or lack of oxygen to the baby.

When a mother begins exhibiting symptoms of preeclampsia or other severe conditions, doctors can take measures to lower the woman’s blood pressure or otherwise solve the problem.  If the problem doesn’t quickly resolve, the baby must be delivered via C-section.  Likewise, when a woman is in pain and bleeding heavily after giving birth to a child, doctors can offer transfusions and try to stop the bleeding.

If the Ultimate Loss Happened, What Can a Lawyer Do for You?

When doctors fail to do everything they can to prevent maternal or fetal death, the loved ones left behind can file a lawsuit against the doctors or medical institutions who are at fault.  If your loved one died during childbirth, a lawyer specializing in birth injury can review the medical files to determine whether medical personnel are at fault for the death.  For example, if the woman was exhibiting signs of severe blood loss but did not receive a transfusion or other appropriate medical care, the doctor or hospital may have been negligent.  If the fetus did not receive sufficient oxygen, the hospital may be at fault.

If a lawyer finds that medical personnel failed to take the appropriate actions, he or she will file a lawsuit on your behalf.  If you win the lawsuit, you may receive compensation for damages.

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