Boating Accident

Statistics on Boating Accidents

If you or someone you know was involved in a boating accident, there are resources to help you.  Not the least of the resources may be an injury lawyer with experience in boating accidents.  Boating accidents are not like other cases in a few important ways.

How Might Boating Accident Cases Be Different?

First, where to file the lawsuit in a boating accident case is not always an easy issue.  In a standard lawsuit that originated on land, there are clear procedures for choosing your lawsuit venue.  In boating accidents, it can be a little more confusing.  There are not always easy to see lines on maps.  Everything is a little hazier.

Second, in boating accidents, it’s a little more difficult to find fault.  It’s not always more difficult, but often is.  It’s not always clear who was in control of the watercraft.  Furthermore, the individual in charge of directing the boat or watercraft at the moment of impact may not be the party who is ultimately liable.

Finally, boating insurance functions differently than other types of insurance, such as car or homeowners insurance.  The best person to explain the distinctions to you is an experienced boating accident lawyer.

Kinds of Boating Accidents or Other Circumstances

A lawyer with experience in boating accident cases may be able to help you obtain a settlement from the parties responsible for your injuries.  After you retain an attorney, he or she will begin by reviewing your medical records and the accident report in order to determine whether the operator or manufacturer of the boat was at fault for the accident.

Sometimes accidents are caused by machinery malfunctioned.  Most commonly, the watercraft’s operator was somehow at fault for the accident.

If your lawyer finds someone else was responsible for your injuries, the lawyer will seek damages on your behalf.  This often means filing a lawsuit against the parties responsible. Throughout the duration of the lawsuit, your attorney will consult with you, negotiate with the defendant’s lawyers, represent you in court and do everything in his or her power to help you recover damages.

Find the Best Lawyer for a Boating Accident

Injury Lawyer Database does not give specific statistics on boating accident lawyers.  We obtain our data from the court system and the courts only track certain categories.  Boating or watercraft or marine accidents are not one of those categories.  However, we do publish real statistics on injury lawyers.  These stats can be used as a starting place to find lawyers with experience.  From there, contact individual lawyer to find the lawyer who, in your mind, is the best boat accident lawyer in your state.

Please feel free to contact us if we may be of more assistance to you directly.