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The following lawyer has been recognized by The Comp Pinkbook:

Ken Gaudreau

Achievement: A Top Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Maryland including the Highest Average PPD awards for clients in the State
Year: 2013
Law Firm: Gaudreau Law Firm
(410) 860-5297
Address: 116 East Main Street
Salisbury, MD, 21801

Salisbury workers’ compensation lawyer Ken Gaudreau is the number one workers’ compensation lawyer on the Eastern Shore.  According to the first edition of The Comp Pinkbook, Gaudreau obtained more awards for injured workers than any other lawyer on the Shore.

Furthermore, for the time period measured, Ken Gaudreau had the highest average permanent partial award in the state of Maryland.  On average, clients needing a workers’ compensation lawyer for a permanent partial disability settlement were better served with Gaudreau than any other.

In addition to his tremendous success on the whole, Gaudreau had a few standout awards.  He had the third highest PP award in back and shoulder combo cases, obtaining more than $160,000 for one client.  He had the highest final settlement award in an elbow injury case, getting $135,000 for his client.  Finally, Ken Gaudreau had the second highest final settlement in a case combining shoulder and arm injuries.

Gaudreau represented injured workers employed by Allen Family Foods, the State of Maryland, United Parcel Service, Davco Restaurants, Delaware Tire Center, Wicomico County, and Perdue, among others.

The Gaudreau law firm handles workers’ compensation and other injury cases, including car accidents, on both the Eastern Shore and the Western Shore.

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The Workers' Comp Pinkbook is a statistical resource for the workers' compensation industry.  The Pinkbook is fact, not opinion.  Statistics come from real claims and were obtained from the workers' compensation commission.  Stats are provided on injuries, lawyers, doctors, employers and insurers.