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Teresa Hoffman, M.D. is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who is currently practicing with Mercy Medical Center. She is the head doctor of Hoffman and Associates, an all-woman obstetrician and gynecology physician group that is part of the Mercy system. Dr. Hoffman’s specialties include high risk deliveries, and she is a member of the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Over her career she has made many appearances in the national media to discuss gynecologic health issues, including interviews in Redbook and Cosmopolitan and featured segments on Discovery Health Channel’s Special Deliveries. Although this page is focused solely on Dr. Hoffman, you can find information about medical malpractice lawsuits filed against Mercy Medical Center here.

Based on the currently available data, Dr. Hoffman has been named as a defendant or co-defendant in eight Maryland medical malpractice cases. The entire complaint for each case, as filed with the court, is found below:

The first available complaint filed against Dr. Hoffman lists the following allegations:

  • Failing to properly perform a medical procedure. According to the complaint, the minor plaintiff’s mother was at 37-3/7 weeks’ gestation when she arrived at the defendant hospital for labor induction. After reaching full cervical dilation the plaintiff’s mother began pushing. During delivery, the plaintiff’s shoulder allegedly became trapped against his mother’s pelvis, an event known as dystocia. The plaintiff was born roughly one minute later, at which time he exhibited a floppy left arm. He was subsequently diagnosed with a severe left arm paralysis called Erb’s palsy. As contended in the complaint, the defendant doctor caused the injury by using excessive force as she guided the baby through the birth canal.
  • Failing to prevent patient injury. Per the complaint, additional evaluation of the minor plaintiff’s injury revealed acute trauma to the brachial plexus nerve system in his left arm and shoulder. While he received surgical intervention to partially repair the damage, the complaint contends that he will continue to suffer from some degree of pain, discomfort, and paralysis for the rest of his life. The minor plaintiff avers in his complaint that the Erb’s Palsy present in his left arm and shoulder is the direct result of negligence on the part of the defendant doctor during the birth process. Had the defendant doctor adhered to proper standards of care by refraining from the use of excessive force during delivery, his injuries likely would have been avoided, as contended in the complaint.

The second available complaint against Dr. Hoffman lists the following allegations:

  • Failing to properly perform a medical procedure: Per the complaint, the plaintiff was admitted to the defendant hospital for induction of labor on the advice of her physicians. Upon admittance, the plaintiff was allegedly informed by the defendant doctor that she was in a hurry and had four other deliveries to attend to. During the delivery process, the defendant doctor purportedly used a medical vacuum on the baby to accelerate its removal from the uterus but neglected to properly attach it to the baby’s head, resulting in a severe laceration of the plaintiff’s vaginal tissue. As contended in the complaint, the plaintiff then began to bleed severely but was not examined by the defendant doctor.
  • Failing to properly direct and supervise medical staff. According to the complaint, the defendant doctor immediately left the delivery room following the birth of the plaintiff’s child, despite an excessive amount of bleeding from the plaintiff’s vaginal area. The plaintiff was then left in the care of an inexperienced resident physician who administered vaginal stiches to the plaintiff even while she continued to bleed profusely, as contended in the complaint. The plaintiff allegedly requested that the defendant doctor or another board-certified obstetrician assist with the stitching due to her unusual amount of vaginal bleeding but was initially ignored by the resident physician, per the complaint.
  • Failing to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment. As alleged in the complaint, the resident physician eventually sought the assistance of a board-certified attending obstetrician who improperly diagnosed the plaintiff with a lacerated uterus and/or cervix when in actuality it was her vaginal tissue that had been injured. The complaint further contends that the plaintiff never received a thorough exam to determine the true cause of her bleeding and was instead transferred to an operating room for an unnecessary emergency hysterectomy to remove her uterus.
  • Failing to prevent patient injury. The complaint contends that the plaintiff not only endured an unnecessary hysterectomy which deprived her of the chance to bear future children, but also nearly died due to massive blood loss incurred during the surgery and required multiple transfusions and intensive care to recover. The plaintiff’s ureter, which is a tube that carries urine away from the kidneys, was also allegedly twisted during the surgery due to the defendant doctor’s negligence and never fully healed due to formation of scar tissue. As a result, the plaintiff developed permanent abdominal pain and recurrent infections and became unable to have sexual intercourse, according to the complaint. 
  • Failing to provide informed consent. The complaint contends that the defendant doctors deviated from the appropriate standard of medical care when they did not inform the plaintiff of the risks associated with the vacuum removal procedure used during delivery or with her subsequent emergency hysterectomy surgery. As further alleged in the complaint, the plaintiff was never advised that the two procedures were medically unnecessary and that alternate treatment options were available. The complaint also cites a series of medical board sanctions and malpractice lawsuits levied against the defendant doctor and claims that the plaintiff would have explored treatment with a different physician if she had been made aware of the defendant doctor’s legal history.

Last updated November 11, 2020

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