Maryland Lawsuits AgainstTangela Anderson Tull, M.D.

Baltimore, MD 21202

Dr. Anderson Tull is an OB-GYN with Hoffman & Associates.  Hoffman and Associates is a female OB-GYN group that is connected to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Mercy, aside from Dr. Anderson Tull and Hoffman and Associates, has been sued for medical malpractice.  That data is available here.  Dr. Anderson Tull specializes in pregnancy, fertility issues, and also menopause/post-menopausal conditions.  As part of the Hoffman and Associates OB-GYN group, Dr. Anderson Tull, along with other doctors and a nurse midwife, offer complete obstetric and gynecologic care in Central, East, and West Baltimore.Dr. Anderson Tull has been listed as a defendant or co-defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit one time.  The full complaint for that lawsuit can be found below.

The complaint which listed Dr. Anderson Tull as a defendant/co-defendant alleged the following:

– Failing to properly advise of the availability of a cesarean section (C-Section).  Plaintiff presented to the hospital with an unproven pelvis as she had never successfully given birth.  Despite carrying a large baby, an estimated fetal weight of 9 pounds or greater, the defendants did not advise of a cesarean section.

– Failing to take proper precautions to avoid shoulder dystocia.  The plaintiff was advised about shoulder dystocia prior to vaginal birth.  Despite advising the defendants that she was willing to do anything at all to avoid injury and/or death of her child, no meaningful alternatives to a traditional vaginal birth was recommended or advised.

– Failing to properly advise the physicians during anticipated shoulder dystocia during birth.  Defendant/Midwife was alleged to have failed to deliver the child within the standards of care when anticipating dystocia, including utilizing excessive traction, and failing to deliver the child within three to four attempts.

– Failing to deliver the child within the reasonable standard of care.  The plaintiff alleged that due to the issues during childbirth, the baby was born limp, apneic, and blue.  The baby was also diagnosed with Erb’s Palsy with was allegedly related to the excessive traction exerted during the delivery.

Last updated February 19, 2020

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