Maryland Lawsuits AgainstRobert O Atlas, M.D.

Balitmore, MD 21202

Dr. Robert O. Atlas leads the Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) Department at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Mercy Hospital has been sued numerous times for medical malpractice, the available data on those lawsuits can be found here. In addition to being the Chair of Mercy’s OBGYN program, Dr. Atlas also oversees the Center for Advanced Fetal Care, which cares for mothers during high risk pregnancies.  Additionally, Dr. Atlas qualifies as a Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, an association which requires additional criteria as a practicing OBGYN physician.

Dr. Robert O. Atlas has been listed as a Defendant or a Co-defendant in a medical malpractice suit four times in available Maryland data.  Any complaint available from those lawsuits can be read in its entirety below.

The allegations in the first lawsuit available are as follows:

– Failing to properly recognize the presence of abnormal fetal measurements on the prenatal sonogram.  The Plaintiff alleged that during the first prenatal sonogram, the defendants failed to report that the HC (head circumference) was just on the curve, and other head measurements were significantly below the curve, including OFD (occipitofrontial diameter) and TCD (transverse cerebellar diameter).

– Failing to understand the significance of abnormal fetal measurements on the prenatal sonogram(s).  A follow up ultrasound was performed several weeks after the first, which again, included various head measurements that were significantly below the curve and abnormal, including biparietal diameter, OFD, and a very low HC (head circumference).  These signs lead to a potential diagnosis of microcephaly along with a serious possibility the child being born with brain damage/mental retardation.

– Failing to recommend additional prenatal testing in light of the abnormal fetal measurements and failing to order appropriate follow up studies in light of the abnormal measurements. The plaintiff alleged that despite the abnormal findings, there were no additional tests recommended or ordered.  The child was born with microcephaly, Cerebral Palsy, and other severe and permanent neurological issues.

Last updated February 17, 2020

Robert O Atlas, M.D. Lawsuit Statistics


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