Maryland Lawsuits AgainstCarla J Weisman, M.D.

Balitmore, MD 21215

This website does not represent the outcome of these lawsuits against Carla J. Weisman, M.D., nor does it judge the veracity of the accusations therein.  In Maryland, however, all medical malpractice lawsuits require a certificate from an actively practicing doctor vouching for the merit of the lawsuit.

Carla J. Weisman, M.D. is currently affiliated with Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.  Dr. Weisman focuses on patients with obstetrical and gynecological needs (OB-GYN). Dr. Weisman received her medical degree from NYU school of medicine.  Dr. Weisman primarily deals with patients treating for women’s reproductive tract issues, pregnancy issues, and childbirth.  Sinai Hospital has been sued for medical malpractice before.  While not discussed on this page, you can find out about the public data relating to medical malpractice lawsuits against Sinai on this page.

Based on publicly available records and data, Dr. Weisman has been listed as a co-defendant in two Maryland medical malpractice cases.  While one of the two Maryland circuit court complaints is available in a PDF below, here is an excerpt of the allegations:

The first complaint which listed Dr. Weisman as a defendant or co-defendant stated the following allegations:

  • Failing to schedule a one-hour glucose test. Plaintiff presented to the hospital at 17 and 3/7 weeks gestation, with a 250-glucose level in her urine.  Despite this level, a follow up was not scheduled.  It was alleged it should have been scheduled between 20 and 22 weeks’ gestation. Glucose was not again tested until 25 and 2/7 weeks gestation. There was no one-hour glucose test done at this point, which was alleged to have revealed a diagnosis of gestational diabetes.
  • Failing to properly treat and diagnose gestational diabetes. Plaintiffs baby was born at 27 weeks’ gestation, after the experiences a rupture of her membranes at home.  Vital signs included a finger stick glucose of 503, a panic value for hyperglycemia.  Additionally, lesions were visible on her legs, WBC was severely elevated at 23.15, and she tested positive for MRSA.   Despite these findings, these was no treatment to the alleged critical level of gestational diabetes upon discharge.
  • Failing to make an appropriate diagnoses and treatment relating to MRSA, elevated white blood cell count, and gestational diabetes. Unfortunately, the Plaintiff was found unresponsive at home several weeks later.  She was pronounced dead after failed resuscitation efforts.  The Decedent’s family alleged failing to properly treaty the infection and gestational diabetes, which caused her premature death.

Last updated August 16, 2021

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